Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{Post 1,197} Pumpkin Patch Top Finished

23-1/2" x 40".  The side black borders are 2" and the end ones are 4".

I have cut and sewn the binding (same fabric as inner border), so I have to iron that.  Later this AM I am taking one of my church friends out for lunch.  Might get to quilt a little after that.  I am thinking cross hatching by machine in the center where the squares and HSTs are, then some free motion quilting amongst the pumpkins, and maybe a feather in the wide border ends.

Monday, July 8, 2013

{Post 1,196} Pumpkin Patch and Mini Request

I already had 3 pumpkins pieced, and the squares for the center were already cut out as well, so I didn't sew as much as this makes it look like I did.  Well, I did do a lot, but this looks like more.

Tomorrow I will add an outer border and get this quilted and the binding sewn on the front.

It measures 20" x 32" now.  One more border to go.

It was dark in my sewing room, so the colors are not very accurate.  

I have some more of this plaid on point (inner border) fabric that I will use for binding as well.  I think this will be for my kitchen table (until EVERYONE gets here, when we will use this old standby that is huge).  I have a cute quilting motif in mind that involves pumpkin veins, leaves, and tendrils.

A request.  If you make mini quilts, or have a wall of mini quilts, would you send me a picture?  I am hoping most of them can probably be made without patterns.  I see a mini quilt wall in my future!  I won't put any up until I get a few made.  I'd like to see different arrangements and layouts before I put a bunch of holes in my walls.  LOL :)

{Post 1,195} Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I wanted to sew a little something this morning, so I cut out and made a duplicate of the mini Marcie quilt, but all from men's shirts.

Here are pictures of the process.  The tiny squares finish at 1/2" square.  Felt like I fell down the rabbit hole for a while there.  I just need to sew the binding to the back.  Plenty of opportunities to do that this week.

My outer border is a little wider, so mine measures 10-1/2" x 13".