Saturday, August 30, 2014

{Post 1,411} GFG 12-1/2 Blocks Strong

My Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt got another block added last night.  We had a friend over for a movie and pizza.  I sewed during the movie.  Great progress!!

{Post 1,410} Second Post Today...News

I have been waiting to tell my blog friends this, but it looks like I might start working in a local quilt shop.  I found out about the shop last week and stopped in to check it out.  Anywho, I got to talk to the owner's daughter, explaining my love of all things fabric, quilting history, former and present online store, etc.  I asked her if they would considering hiring me part-time.  She said they weren't looking for anyone, but asked me to leave my phone number and email address.

She emailed me Wednesday and asked me to come fill out an application (they didn't even have any the week before).  Then she asked me to come in for an interview yesterday.  She called yesterday and asked if we could reschedule the interview (we have not picked a day).  I got the impression she really wants to hire me.  

I have not worked in 18 years.  Almost 19.  I am sort of worried how my employment will affect our family life.  But I am itching to do something different.  This might be it.  I will keep you posted.

This is my second post today.  Don't miss my last one!!

{Post 1,409} New Baby Quilt Started...My Own Pattern

One of my friends is having a baby in November.  Her husband was one of my adopted college students.  The mom and I just met last year.  Her hubby still gives me Mother's Day and birthday cards.  They go to our church.

I was having a horrible time finding Tigger fabric (her nursery theme).  A few days ago I stopped in a local fabric shop to look for something and was searching through assorted FQs.  I found 4 of the sky blue with Tigger and Roo on them.  I got them, thinking I might not find any more T-I-double G-ER fabric.  Did find two more pieces today when I drove to the "big city" (Mary Jo's).  I got some coordinating fabric there and have pieced this in just a little time.  Now I'll finish the remaining 8 HST blocks and piece the center.

What do you think?  It will measure about 36" wide by 44" tall.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{Post 1,408} New Plan for Chain

I have a new plan for my Carolina Chain I Spy quilt.  I'm going to make it 40" x 60" for an undetermined-as-yet toddler.  I have these 45 blocks so far.  Looks like I'll need quite a few more.  Fifty-nine more, to be exact.

When I stopped in a new-to-me fabric shop recently, I was given a flyer for a "sew-in" at a local library for September 13 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  I can hardly wait.  I am going to sew the rest of these blocks plus use HST as my leader/enders for this quilt.  I have lots of cutting to do to prepare.

Monday, August 25, 2014

{Post 1,407} Two In A Day!!

Added the second blossom.  Piecing the brown and blue one to add next.

{Post 1,406} One More Flower Added

My favorite block so far.  The purple block was added to the mother ship today.  

Next up is attaching the top green one!  On to the diamonds.

{Post 1,405} Baby Shower Fun

My cupcake toppers...the nursery has a whale theme, so I extended that to the shower as well.  Colors for nursery are blue and orange.  I added green for the shower.

Here is my mantle decorated for the shower.  The chalkboard has a huge whale and says "Whalecome one and all".  Baby will be named Adrian Marc.  My daughter had the great idea of printing out a couple pics the couple had just had taken and put them in my window frame.

The mom-to-be's mother and I collaborated on preparing snacks.  We had lots of goodies.  The punch is a recipe I got from the 60th anniversary celebration I just coordinated a few weeks ago.  I added pineapple sherbet.  Could have drunk the whole bowl myself.  Only tremendous self-control prevented me.  

She received loads of great gifts.  Here are a few of them.

The mom-to-be and me.  The outside chalkboard sported two whales and said, "Whaley, whaley glad U came".  I had a diaper wreath on the front door.

It was the most fun shower I have ever been at.  We all had a whale of a good time.  It was also my birthday, but that little fact was kind of downplayed.