Tuesday, May 28, 2019

{Post 1,668} Two Coming Along

I was reminded by a local friend that I have not blogged in a week. Well, life has been flying by. One of my sons wanted to have a baby shower/get together for his sister this past Sunday. The baby was not due until June 6. She unexpectedly had the baby early Sunday AM. So we had the shower without her, then we all went to the hospital to see her and the new grandson/nephew/brother.  My eldest son’s family was visiting and staying at our house. This is the first time in a couple years that all four of my boys have been together, so I had my husband grab a quick picture for posterity.

Upon seeing this picture, my sister asked me if I was shrinking. I could only hope she meant in girth. My son in the red shirt is my baby. He is 6’4” tall. Oddly enough, from oldest to youngest, they are shortest to tallest!!

We have friends with whom my eldest is close to that we rarely see, and my son even less. They are missionaries on deputation (raising support). They were unexpectedly in town, so we invited them over for Sunday night supper. We were up late carving watermelon baskets and eating delicious homemade veggie soup. We were so tired Monday AM.

A couple quilt pictures to catch you up on where I am with the customer baby quilt (blue and gray) and a quilt to match my living room rug (HSTs). I think I’m going to sew these 64 blocks together, then add a gray inner border and a blue outer border. The blocks finish at 4.5” square for the baby quilt and 4” square for the living room quilt. I am thinking of adding some plain muslin squares to add some more lightness in the living room quilt.