Monday, May 7, 2018

{Post 1,586} Long Time No Blog

I have nearly forgotten about my blog! Today I cleaned a lot of things out of my sewing room. When I did, I found 3 finished blocks for my Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Ironically, I had just folded up the top and put it back in the closet. I got it out to see what I should be working on this coming weekend when we drive to pick up our son in Florida. It will be at least 10 hours down and 10 hours back. With other possibilities for hand-sewing time while we are different places.

Here is the top as it is today. I am wondering if I should make it long enough for a pillow tuck. I think I will. Especially with finding the 3 additional completed blocks.

The green and purple fabrics near the bottom are my color selections for what I thought would be the last block. But then I found these three in a basket on my pegboard.

I will likely move them around some before stitching it all together.

I served this fabulous tray of finger foods for a graduation reception for my daughter and her fiance...two of my favorite people.

Here they are...getting married 8.18.18:

Rachel’s fiance actually graduated with honors, so the speech bubble is so hilarious. A woman at our church used these for a graduate fellowship there, and I used them during our party.