Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Decorations, Take 18

This is the first thing I ever tole painted. It was made in a beginner's class several years ago. A similar plaque was displayed in a vender's booth at a craft fair I frequented. There was a sign below that said "Learn How to Paint This". Being a pumpka-holic, I was hooked. I'd always wanted to learn tole painting. I only took 2 classes, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keepin' It Real

If you read my post from last night, you know I was gripped with a burning desire to make this quilt top after supper, and stay up until it was finished. Well, I did so, but it was a challenge. Not a challenge to design it myself, but a challenge to find enough space on my cutting table to make the silly thing. It has been so long since I've sewn regularly that my cutting table was a shambles. Here is the before...

Scary--isn't it? I think so. Just keepin' it real.

On the right (in front) among other things is a stack of quilt magazines, my red scrap bin, a bolt of brown (what was that used for?). There are scraps of trimmings from I-can't-remember-what on the 18" x 24" green mat in the center. To the left is another motley crew of I-have-no-idea-where-those-came-froms. Enough to make a grown woman cry. Oh--that would be me.

But I was determined to machine quilt my little Octagonal Fall top today. In order to do that, I'd need to lie it down flat somewhere and cut backing and batting. I needed to clean up that table. But being a quilter, I could not just throw away all the scraps. They could most likely be used in a future project. So I painstakingly sorted them by color into my "scrap boxes", aka plastic shoe boxes by colors (reds, blues, greens, and all the others--4 boxes total).

Like a breath of fresh air...

That's what I am talking about. The quilt top has been quilted and the binding is sewn to the front. We have liftoff!


Fall Decorations, Take 17

It finally happened...I'm fresh out of fall quilts. Here is a picture of some wooden pumpkins I tole painted a few years ago. I gave my sister and my friend a set, too (2 Dianes). My dad cut these one year when I was visiting with him (hi, Dad!). They are on our living room mantle. They are made from 1" pine, so they stand up all by themselves.

Today was my 3-month anniversary at Curves. I need to get more serious about losing weight and getting more fit. I'm not sure how I fell off the wagon this month, but several things come to pie, mini candy bars, cinnamon rolls. I continue to amaze myself about eating things that I know I shouldn't and thinking it won't really matter this time. For crying out loud, every time is an important time. Just venting and giving myself the what for here. Hopefully next month's report will be a big improvement. I stayed the same weight (which is better than gaining) and lost only 2 more inches. All I can think is, "So many more to go!" Here's to next month...


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Steps of My Fall Octagon Quilt Top

See the previous post for the picture of the completed top. Blogger limits one post to 5 pictures. Good night!

Whew--Three Posts Today!

Voila! Behold my finished quilt top. I took over an hour off after supper before starting to work on this little gem. It measures 23-1/2" from flat side to flat side. I had all of the half square triangles already pieced in my spare parts drawer, so I just had to choose them and cut them down. I don't remember which quilt they are from. I think it might be this one. I was tempted to quilt it tonight, but the night is young and I am not. It's after 10:30 PM, and the little grey cells need time to recharge.

The next post is showing the progress of the quilt top tonight. Enjoy the process without words.


Fall Decorations, Take 16

I enjoyed looking at my b-friend, Marcie's, blog today. She has a picture of a quilt that I am going to try to piece tonight. It's the one in the upper right...the 4 Maple Leaf blocks in a Churn Dash setting. Tune in tomorrow to see if I make any progress. It's nearly 6 PM, and the night is young, even if I'm not.

The above quilt is my favorite quilt. Some of you are thinking, "Didn't she say that about another quilt, like maybe yesterday or the day before?" Pretty scary how I can hear you thinking from here, eh??

If you are a quilter, you know that quilts are sort of like just can't have a favorite. Each is the result of a certain time of life, a new technique, a new love. And loving another one doesn't mean you divide your love for your other just multiplies!! Each one is different and unique.

The above quilt was a pattern whose name I forget right this minute. The outer border is a plaid fabric that I quilted between the different colors. I hand-blanket-stitched the vines, leaves, pumpkin sections, crow, etc. The yellow button "seeds" add another dimension. I hand quilted around each shape and in each border. All in all, this is my favorite quilt. I mean it. Yes...absolutely and no doubt about it. Until I show you another one, at least.


Fall Decorations, Take 15

The above quilt is from my friend, Laura. Now that I think back, I might have bought it from her. We met online when we were both sellers on eBay. Mere months later we met in person, and shortly thereafter they moved 500 miles to live about 40 miles from me. We would get together every year or so and have a quilt show and tell. She had been selling these tops on eBay, and I bought one of them while I was visiting her house. Laura, if you're out there and reading this, please write! I haven't heard from her for about 3 years. This is called Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch. It also lives in the living room in autumn. It's small...about 14" x 16".

Here is a photo one of my husband's work acquaintances sent him. She lives in Maine and took this in her back yard. Another instance of being in the right place at the right time!

Fall is the celebration of root vegetables and mini candy bars...choose wisely!

Be careful out there!