Sunday, July 26, 2009

Away in PA

Four of my children and I are visiting in PA/OH for another week. My parents and sister live in those respective states. We had a good (although long) drive up (11 hours from NC to OH).

Above is Susanna and my nephew, Owen, outside at his house.

My parents are moving, and we are helping them sort, throw, pack, and stash.

I made an I Spy quilt for a friend here in OH, and gave it to her at a baby shower yesterday...she loved it. I brought fabric and some patterns to cut out for clothes for myself. I cut out one jumper for myself yesterday. I have 3 more to cut out. I hope to sew that ONE (it is a test drive for that particular pattern), and I hope to sew it in the next couple of days.

It's so fun to have spare time to do things I would hardly ever do at home. I have read for over an hour several times since I've been here...complete luxury!!