Friday, January 11, 2008

Improved Kitchen View

Here is the view of my kitchen from the refrigerator. No--I don't usually hang out around there. In fact, DD3 took this picture for me (I was busy sewing unit 6 of the Carolina Crossroads quilt). Here are 3 of my children busy on their schoolwork (unaware that the picture was being taken). You can see here where my quilt hanger is in the kitchen and my stunning red walls. When we bought this house, the kitchen walls were this red color.

The room you're seeing in the above picture was actually the formal dining room, and it was BRIGHT yellow. We removed the wall between them, and I liked the dark red walls in the kitchen, so I painted the whole room that same color.

Here is a close-up of the finished quilt. You can't see the lovely texture that comes from hand quilting and then washing/drying, but it's there. I think I can look at this quilt for some time. One other nice thing about its location is that it doesn't get direct sunlight. I already have another kit planned for this same space, but I can take my time.

Back to unit 6!! Whoo-hoo!


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jeanette said...

Well, That´s a BEAUTIFUL quilt!
I like it!