Saturday, January 25, 2020

{Post 1,703} What Else Is New Here

I have two other new things I am working on for my booth (well, two off a long list). One of the reasons I love doing this is that I can do whatever I want. I have no limits or minimums or anything. That alone is quite daunting. But I am forging ahead. I made another wood quilt pattern, and I love it. I think aqua/turquoise is my new color. It is 9-1/2” square. Anywho, this needs to be sanded and antiqued, but here it is (in sunlight through a curtain, so not a super good picture)...

Yesterday I picked up 3 silver trays at a thrift store for fifty cents each. I am painting those to be chalkboards. I am going to sew up some tiny bags for chalk to add to them and tie it on with jute (wrapped all the way around a couple times). I think they will be super cute. The ones here are “pool blue”, “maize”, and white chalk paint. I still need to touch up the edge of the chalkboard area and seal them.

{Post 1,702} New Projects and Answers to Burning Questions

I know most of American society has gone to very short social interactions like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But I love reading blogs. I love all the details. I love all the pictures. I love all the ideas that are sparked as a result of all of that. So here I am again, posting about my everyday life.

There were some questions about my booth. It is in an antique mall. The owners divided up most of the space into 8’ wide by 6’10” deep booths. The rent is $75 a month. Most people sell antiques in them. The mall also advertises that they have “craft artisans”. I guess that is where I fit in, although I do have a few antiques that I have picked up at thrift stores. I try to make nearly everything in my store for sale. Props that are not for sale upset the customers. In pictures, the booth look much larger than it is. I am aiming for a lot of selection, but not stuff crammed on every surface.

Every Friday I get allergy shots. They have been helping my allergies tremendously. Since that is halfway to the antique mall, I usually scoot up there and take new items as well as straighten it up. Saturday is the busiest day, and I want it to look sharp. Here are some pictures after my visit yesterday. I finished another antique quilt (the 9-patch on the bottom rung of our quilt ladder). I also added some new signs.

Notice the “QUILTS” sign on the front edge of my booth near the top? I spent a great deal of time painting that this week. It took many coats for the aqua-ish color on the outer ring. It is two-sided so people coming from either direction will notice it.

In the top picture, you can see some of my wood quilt block signs on top of the hutch leaning against a pegboard. There is also one on the second shelf. I moved the largest one over by the quilt ladder in the second picture. The hutch has been perfect for displaying these small items.

In the second picture there are baby quilts on the hooks on the left. I found an Amish baby doll in our attic and added that on the ironing board in the back. Not much else new there. 

The antique 9-patch on the bottom rung is new to the booth. It is made so well in that the maker subbed “color” fabric in such a subtle manner that they aren’t noticable unless you are searching for one. I was so impressed. I think it’s from 1914; I can’t really remember.