Tuesday, February 12, 2019

{Post 1,619} One Lonely Moth

I stitched one Moth in the Window block this AM. I spent two hours straight decluttering my sewing room. It feels good to have another Chick-fil-A box of donations and a 13-gallons bag of trash. At some point, my room will be completely decluttered.

I deboned two more shirts and went through lots of stuff. 

Yesterday I finished the re-machine quilting of my youngest daughter’s first large quilt (that I made for her when she was about four). She got married this past summer. When she still lived at home, this quilt’s machine quilting started wearing off, leaving big “toe-catcher” stitches. I had sent it out to be quilted before I started machine quilting all my own quilts. The unquilting process took a couple years because I hardly ever worked on it. It’s no fun at all. I love the new thread color and the density of the quilting (simple loops). Here is about half of it and a close-up after washing and drying.

A commercial moment. I am selling Thimbleberries from my house for $5 a yard, plus actual shipping. Let me know if you want some pictures. This quilt looks as good as it did when I first made it. Very minimal fading, if any at all. It is made from all Thimbleberries. Enjoy!

Monday, February 11, 2019

{Post 1,618} Two More Moths

I had hoped to have many more blocks by now, but life happened. On a daily basis. We had company for a couple days, I bought a few more shirts, and we were out of town for two days. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it.

Tonight I cut just one sleeve off 2 shirts and made the two blocks below. The fabric on the left one is a dark purple (my favorite color is purple). The one on the right is a very dark grey stripe.


Here they are with their friends:

Before I can proceed, I need to determine how large I want the finished quilt to be. Bonnie’s is 88-1/2” square, I think. I will figure my final size before I make any more blocks. We have too many quilts that we don’t use because they are a strange (non-bed) size. In the meantime, I’ll debone the rest of my shirts.

Here is my little Valentine quilt on the wire “Welcome” hanger. It is not exactly what I wanted, but I like it. It is at the top of the stairs from the basement.