Friday, February 27, 2015

{Post 1,469} New Baby Quilt Started

I don't know if my readers are ready for this from me, but here is my latest baby quilt.

It measures about 48" square.  Here is a close-up with more true lighting:

I have a couple more purple circles to machine blanket stitch around, and then I will back it with a printed Minkee-type fabric that is white with pastel numbers floating around on it.  It will not be quilted per se.  It is more like a large receiving blanket with the Minkee mitred around to the front.  The tutorial is on my Pinterest page (Joan Parker) under baby gifts.  It is the self binding receiving blanket near the end.

I used scraps from my granddaughter's quilt to piece the top.  I thought I was being original, but I found a similar quilt on someone else's web site.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Post 1,468} Squares Surrounded in Use!!!

Here is my latest quilt for our bedroom, Squares Surrounded.  It is, of course, my favorite so far.  It combines my favorite things...scraps, a unifying striking color, scraps, small pieces, scraps, upcycled shirts, and scraps!!

Here are two views and then a peek at the back.

I am glad I took the extra time to make a beautiful machine quilting pattern instead of just meandering or something simple.  My only regret?  I would have made it longer.  Ah, is fine!!

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