Saturday, February 15, 2020

{Post 1,706} Ohio & Pennsylvania

I left my house Wednesday AM (Feb 5th) to head for my parents in OH. I was about 4 hours away when my Dad called and told me not to come, so I headed over to my sister’s. I spent parts of 3 days and 2 nights with them. Then I drove over to my daughter’s in PA. Well, I tried. I got stuck in this.

I got to within a couple miles of their house before I was just spinning in place on a hill. My son-in-law came and rescued me. I was right past a volunteer fire department parking lot, so I backed down the slight grade and turned in there. We got my car a couple days later. It was treacherous.

We’ve had a great visit. I have not taken many pictures. I’ve done lots of painting, cuddling, cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, and the usual shopping, errands, etc. 

I picked up a few good pieces at the Goodwill here to make over for my booth. I am eager to work on them.

While I have been here (on one day actually), I had 3 former customers ask me about quilting something for them as soon as I got home. Then I also had someone ask me to make them a twin quilt from soup to nuts. She is a woman who was my next-door neighbor growing up, and we were best friends for years. 

Here are a few pictures from my visit. The flower picture is the before of the walls in the first picture. It is a mobile home that we painted the bedroom of. We are going home Tuesday AM. Practically every minute has been planned out between now and then. We are singing a quartet (my husband, who arrived yesterday, my daughter, my SIL, and I) in the morning service tomorrow. That is fun and exciting. I love every single thing about the song we are singing.