Friday, June 25, 2010

All-Night Sew Plans Revised

I called the quilt shop where we were supposed to have the all-night sew (6 PM to midnight) tonight to let them know Susanna and I were coming, and we were bringing a friend. Good thing I called, because it was cancelled. So we invited our friend, Rachel, to come to our house.

We had a couple unplanned errands to do earlier today, so I felt rushed, but we sewed for about 3-1/2 hours together. I sewed and pressed this...

I also pieced, trimmed, and pressed these...

Raise your hand if you're surprised I've already started on one of these for my family. I don't see any hands.

And here is Susie Seamstress herself...

She worked on this amazing tote bag for herself. It's a pattern and accessories kit we picked up at the Hickory Quilt Show. She said it's a great pattern--easy sewing, but tedious. A million steps. I think she exaggerates. She got the fabrics later at Mary Jo's. Isn't it bee-you-tee-ful??


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Twister

This is 42" x 51"... This is 27" x 33"...

The top picture shows all my 5" squares and 3" border sewn together. Then one takes the mini Twister ruler and cuts out the pinwheel-shapes. It really is a cool method. What I don't like is the waste that results from it. I. hate. wasted. fabric.

The smaller squares (in the bottom picture) are 3-1/2" square. If I were piecing this from scraps, I'd be fine with it. I paid over $26 for the fabric for just this part of the quilt and the binding!
Before the outer border, the finished product (from 80 five-inch squares) will only be about 33" x 27". Puny.

It is a fast method as opposed to cutting and piecing all those little windmill blades. One of the reasons I made this was to see just how it all worked. The directions that came with the rulers were minimal and sketchy. I like being able to see how the fabric placement affects the final product. I would like to make this in novelty prints for an I Spy quilt. Too bad I didn't save a 5" square of asparagus fabric!!

One of my other ideas was to use the ruler to make a table runner. Now I can see just how I need to lay that out. So not so much wasted time after all!

Can't get excited about finishing this seeing as it's going to be so small. Christmas-print baby quilt, anyone?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honeycomb Stars with 2-1/2 Rings

One of my daughters had out-patient gum surgery today. I went with her so I could drive home. That meant an hour of hand-sewing time for me. All appears to have gone well with her surgery. She is quite uncomfortable, but she is resting well and being plied with cold nutritious beverages. She has the next couple of days off from work, so she will be doing plenty of resting.

Here is my Honeycomb Stars so far. I cropped out the extra fabric in the picture. It will eventually be trimmed and then a border put on of the same blue. I like it so much so far. A great car project. I'll probably start another after I finish one for me. I can think of several people who might like one!


Two Baby Quilt Tops

This is my Twin Sister block quilt. I finished the top this AM with a navy plaid border. I didn't want to cut any more strips off the bolt, so I added the red and blue plaid corners and a small piece in each side border. This will go to a yet-as-unborn baby boy at my church.

I also finished the second batik baby quilt top. I am saving this one for a baby girl. I thought I could give it to a boy, but it still reads "girly" to me, in spite of the green camouflage triangles and border.

Remember all my batik pinwheels that were left over? I decided to make something for myself. Since there are not nearly enough for a quilt of any size except baby size, I think I'll make a tote bag.


Empty Nest? Chicks Flying the Coop!!

This is an unusual post for me. One I might even regret sharing...probably in a few minutes.
I am wondering why I have rarely seen this subject addressed in a public forum when it's so prevalent. Only once (this AM, a few minutes ago), did I read a mom's true feelings about her son's high school graduation. And I instantly thought--"that is me". She wrote "They don’t talk much about the season of transition and yes, grief, that mothers feel when their babies grow up and drive off into the sunset. I’ll tiptoe back to my room for a good cry, then resume life in a busy household." Are most people afraid to reveal their true feelings because they're not all happy happy?

Our oldest children are 21, 19, and 18. They are in various ways preparing to leave our house. I guess all the children are, but those three are the most obvious.

Change means different things to parents and children. While I share their excitement, I cannot help but be sad--that my life is going to be empty without them. It's a perfect blend of excitement and dread, of happiness and loneliness, anticipation and sadness.

How do you mothers that have survivied this transition in your lives cope? I have hobbies, activities, chores, house maintenance, etc. to keep me busy until kingdom come. But how do you live with the empty spot that your children used to fill in your heart? I think I have invested the best portion of my life into them. Made sacrifices that I could never have imagined as a newlywed. Endured pain (physical and emotional) that the most seasoned writers won't attempt to convey!!

Come on, ladies. You KNOW what I'm talking about!!

~Joan, who is feeling a little melancholy this morning

Quilt Show Pic #7

I love everything about this quilt, color, size, pattern. How simple could this be? The border is especially attractive to me with its different sizes. This would be a perfect leader/ender project. Gorgeous!! Fantastic swap idea, too. Bwahaha...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Dad

I was thinking about my husband today (I only do that while I'm awake). We have several children of marriagable age. As we've discussed the qualities of a good mate, I am convinced that someone who will make a good father/mother is at the top of the list. When one gets married, the whole package is not always visible. That's why one must depend on God's guidance for the big decision.

What makes one a good father? I'm glad you asked...

~Hard working

The list above? That is my husband. Thank you, God!