Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ladies' Banquet

Here's a picture of two of my girls and me at our church's ladies' banquet this afternoon. It was an ark theme, with a beautiful lighted rainbow above the platform. I guess that makes me Joan of Ark.

Susanna made her dress, and it looked lovely. She is quite the seamstress. We were amongst friends and had a nice time. Two of my daughters are not home, and it did seem strange to only have 3 of us in the picture. They were sorely missed by me.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Drugstore Drop-In

Walgreens has been having some tremendous register rewards items. Here is a total of what I purchased there for $43.08 (that's a lot more than I thought it would be, but the numbers don't lie). Oh--the above picture shows some of the $42.50 in register rewards in my coupon wallet. That means *in a sense* I only paid 58 cents for these items because they gave me back $42.50 to spend later...

Hershey bagged malted milk eggs x 3
Nestle Crunch eggs x 2
Edge shaving cream x 2
Chapstick lip butter x 4
Skintimate shave cream x 3
Visine x 4
Fiber choice 10 count x 1
Scunci elastic hair bands x 3
Vaseline lotion x 6
Breyers ice cream quarts x 2
Whoppers eggs x 3
Dove deoderant x 12
Beanie baby stuffed monkeys x 2
Reach toothbrush x 2
Colgate Total toothpaste x 1
Easter pencils x 2
Chex mix x 1

That's a lot of merchandise for just over 50 cents.
My husband and 3 of the kiddos are gone for a few days. I've been staying up way too late to ensure I go right to sleep (I don't sleep well with my hubby gone), and it has caught up to me tonight. Off to bed with me!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Finery

Here is a picture I took of my four girls after church tonight. Aren't they lovely? I love their smiles. All so pretty.

Hope your Easter Sunday was one of peace, worship, and rejoicing. God is so good.