Saturday, July 5, 2014

{Post 1,367} Mini Needs Bordered

Here is my latest mini...a pinwheel design.  I love the way it came together.  Finished piecing the blocks this AM.  

My dear husband helped me hang the first 2 (of 4) yardsticks.  Yes, the clothesline is already going the way of the fondue pot.  The day I hung it my friend, Janet, posted about her yardstick hangers.  Brilliant.  I am a convert.  Pictures of the yardsticks to come.  I stained them with a light wood stain.  

The above quilt is about 10" x 14" right now.  I am going to add a small border and binding, of course.

Update.  Here's the above quilt with borders and pinned for quilting.

Friday, July 4, 2014

{Post 1,366} Another Mini Started

This is a 3-1/2" finished block.  I wanted to try the pattern, so I cut and pieced this while my husband got ready for Planet Fitness this AM.  If I have more time later today, I'm going to try to piece the rest for a mini quilt of these little pinwheels.  This one went so fast and was relatively easy, despite the small pieces.

We are still awaiting the appearance of our grandson who is 11 days past due.  Maybe he'll be a 4th of July baby!

We are having a huge meal for lupper (combination of lunch and supper).  BBQ ribs, dirty rice, corn on the cob, broiled bread, peach cobbler and ice cream, white chocolate-covered cake cubes with sprinkles...the works!!  Better get back to it.

Went to Charlotte last night for a concert by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra with an amazing fireworks show afterwards.  There was a deluge before that delayed it (even flash flood warnings), but we stayed and stayed until they could play.  Went out for a very late supper with our son afterwards (finished near midnight!).  Looking forward to relaxing later today.  I hope to get in a few more fireworks locally tonight if there is no labor for Elisabeth yet.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

{Post 1,365} Mini Finished and Clothesline

Here is my latest mini.  It is about 12-1/2" square with the binding on.  I was inspired by Ruth's post last night.  She likely inadvertently answered my plea for sharing minis.

The bottom picture shows my "clothesline" in place on a long wall.  It looks like it needs something else on there.  Maybe a vinyl quote above it?  My cedar chest is below it.  I will get a better picture later.

The middle one is just a top.  I pieced it Saturday.  Inspired by Janet.

One of my friends from church asked me to make her a quilt large enough to cover a day bed with a trundle underneath it (she wanted it to go to the floor).  She sews a lot, just not quilts.  YET!!  She is coming over in about 10 minutes for me to introduce her to the love of quilting.  At least I think she is!!