Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Post #820} One Blossom Made

What a difference the flash makes!  The top picture was taken without flash, and the bottom was taken with flash.

This is the "flower" I hand pieced this AM.  After it was mostly finished, I looked up some pictures of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts.  I found a color arrangement I like a lot better, so this is going to become a candle mat.  This worked up very quickly.

I am concerned that the batting would peek through on a bed quilt, so I might satisfy my desire for one of these by making a wall hanging instead of a throw or bed quilt. 

The English paper piecing method ends up with the seams appearing to be pressed open, which allows tiny spaces between the stitches (even though my stitches were very close together).  So a wall hanging is a better idea, IMHO.  The block pictured measures 8-3/4" from one side to the other.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{Post #819} Guess What?

My husband told me a couple weeks ago that he made plans for the two of us for this coming Friday night and Saturday AM.  I asked him what he had planned.  He wasn't going to tell me at first, but decided the anticipation was part of the pleasure.  He is up for husband of the year AGAIN for this.  Are you ready?  He is taking me to the Asheville quilt show.  Yes, he is looking forward to following me around while I ooh and aah over quilts.  Of course I'll be taking lots of pictures.

No hand sewing or quilting today.  We had a busy AM, then Elisabeth drove me an hour one way to pick up our new car.  New to us...old to others.  My son, Ben, upon seeing it, said, "That's an old man's car."  I calmly replied, "It is NOW".  It is a 2002 Toyota Corolla...only 88,000 miles on it. walking.  We are thankful for God providing this vehicle for us and hope it lasts us many years and miles.

I had a little extra time, so I stopped at Mary Jo's to buy fabric for a shower curtain I'm making for my dad.  I picked up some English paper piecing hexagons.  I want to try my hand at making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt from Thimbleberries.  Will show work when I have done some on that.


Monday, September 26, 2011

{Post #818} One More Row Finished

Now I am only SEVEN rows away from being finished with the body of my Seeds of Kindness quilt. So excited.

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{Post #817} Same Blocks, Two More Layouts

Which is your favorite?  I'd like some input here!!


{Post #816} Log Cabin Wall Hanging

Today is my laundry day, which means I'm downstairs a lot.  Things are a-changin' around these parts.  My sewing room is all rearranged and my bedroom has undergone a minor rearrangement, too.  I'm still getting used to it.

I finished up several blocks for the wallhanging-to-be pictured above.  I need 28 more blocks (just one row all the way around) to make it the size I want.  I already have the 36 above and a couple others finished.  Isn't it surprising that I need so many MORE to get one more row each way?  It is to me!


{Post #815} Wedding Gift

Here's a gift I painted this AM for a soon-to-be bride that is the daughter of one of my friends.  Think she'll like it?  I have been wanting to make some of these for gifts for some time, and this is my first attempt.  The first one is always the "roughest".  They will get better as I make more.

This is about 12" tall by 5-1/2" wide.  It has a hanging bar on the back and has been lightly sanded to make it look a little more rustic.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Post #813} Eight More Rows

I am sending this from an Iconium Tablet, so it will not have a picture.  Well, let me see if I can add a pic I took on the tablet.  No go.  The pic appeared to be loading, but then the little dots just kept spinning and spinning.  Anyway, only 8 more rows to go on my Seeds of Kindness quilt, then 7/8 of the border.