Thursday, May 8, 2014

{Post 1,352} In NY for a Wedding!

The top picture is one I took at home last night.  It's time to start putting the blocks together.  I had to see where I wanted them.  Unfortunately, after sewing on the way here, I realized I need many more foundations.  It seemed like I got a lot of sewing done.  If you compare the pictures, it wasn't really that much.  I did forget to put something in the finished picture.  The block in the top picture (blue block in the center in the bottom row) has all of the cream patterns round sewn onto it.  I am nearly out of hexagon foundations, so I sewed some diamonds on so I could remove and reuse the hexagons.  Now I'm nearly out of diamonds (and out of green fabric I brought for the trip).  

My friend drove all 12 hours up here.  It was a rather uneventful trip.  Thank God.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Post 1,351} Haircut Tweaking

Got my hair cut again yesterday.  That's twice in two weeks after years and years w/o a cut.  It needed a little tweaking.  I like it much better.  Above is me, just washed and dried, no hair products or curling iron work.  Ah, simplicity--the way life was meant to be!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

{Post 1,350} Road Trip--Flowers & Finds

I drove 498 miles yesterday to help my friend, Ryan.  He was looking at and hopefully buying a new car and needed a lift there.

He rents a basement from a lovely elderly woman.  Here are some pictures from her house.  I waited for Ryan on the little patio behind the white fence.  Such a beautiful area.

Gorgeous geraniums on the table.  This area is right off her kitchen.  

Pansies and a rock wall in the corner:

About 5 minutes before I got to the house, I passed a sign that sale "Quilt Shop ---> "  I was thinking I'd need to remember where it was in case I ever came back to check it out.  It is about 30 minutes from my house.  I didn't know there was a quilt shop that close!  Turned out I had about 45 minutes to kill (wait was the word for the day).  So I went back and browsed.  I'll show you a picture later of what I purchased.

Knowing I'd have a period of time to wait once we got to where the car would be (silly me--I thought there'd be just one)...I researched our travel path and destination the night before and found a quilt shop in Summerville, SC, where we were headed.  This was only 10 minutes from where Ryan was looking at the car.  It was a rare treat.  I hardly ever get to shop at a real quilt shop.  Seeing as I had already visited one that day, my cup was already full.

The sign and rockers outside.  How inviting!!  The kiddie chair is just right for baby bear.

Each fabric display was pretty much set up this same way...bolts on the top and bottom with FQ precut from each on a shelf in between.  I was looking for some new fabrics to add to my GFG blocks.

The building was in an old downtown area and was quaint with several small rooms, hardwood floors, several levels.  It was then that I walked up 8-10 steps and entered...heaven.  Here are the views to the left and right.

My purchases at first shop.  I almost always buy the newly-released issues of Quilt Sampler.  I love the eye candy.  But let me tell you, I got plenty of that in person yesterday at the two shops I was in.

I bought a needle threader for the 24-hours of driving road trip for Thursday and Friday this week.  It worked beautifully.  I had my own sewing box with me, and she threaded my betweens with my hand quilting thread.  Worked like a charm.  Others have not been able to push that thick of a thread through that small of an eye.

I also bought the fabric and pattern wrapped in white ribbon.  It's a travel tissue holder kit.  I thought those would make good gifts for now and then.

Also three 1/8 yards for my GFG blocks.

In Summerville, I got the following things.  The Quilters Rule sign was perfect for my sewing area.  For only $5, it had to come home with me.  There are 3 more FQ for my GFG blocks and two patterns.  One is by Lori Smith and I want to make some of them for my wall of minis.

Some are lamenting the woes on the internet, but I'll tell you, it can be used for good!  I found that on my travels back home (alone) I would be within a couple miles of a Red Lobster restaurant (my favorite).  Since all I had eaten all day was a half bowl of oatmeal very early in the AM, I was starving by 8 PM.  As I was approaching the commercial area where it was located, there was a Jo-Ann Fabrics on the left!!  The store closed at 9, so I ran in to get some of this:

It's waterproof fabric.  When I was in Ohio in February, my sister had me get her some to back bibs.  Now that I'm in bib backing mode myself, I decided to get some.  My bibs are all going to be recycled denim, so this will match nicely.  There were only 2 patterns to choose from, so I couldn't be picky.  It's cute enough.

I left my house at 8:30 AM and got home at 11:30 PM.  Nearly 500 miles, 2 quilt shops, Red Lobster and Jo-Ann's.  What a great but exhausting day.  :)