Saturday, March 26, 2011

{702} Quilting the Texas Braid

Today has been a most unusual day.  I went to the Y by myself this AM and walked over a mile on the treadmill.  I was very excited about that, because in the past I could not walk more than 5 minutes.  Yes--I tell the truth.  Then I did the FitLinxx machines.

When I got home, my son texted me to ask if I wanted to play wallyball with him and some friends at 3:00 PM.  I invited a couple girlfriends so I would not be the only girl there. 

While waiting to play, I loaded and started quilting this big quilt...Texas Braid.  I like it so much.  It looks like an antique quilt without needing any repairs!!

I only did two passes on it.  I'm quilting it with loops. 

We ended up playing wallyball for THREE hours.  Yes.  Also true.  My little toes are screaming as well as my knees.  I went down on my knees about ten times to save a point or whatever, forgetting each new time that I was NOT wearing knee pads.  Amnesia in the elderly...need to be doing some medical research into that subject.  It was soooo fun.  I'd definitely like to do that again, and soon.

There's no business like sew business!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{701} Easter Decorating

In the last couple days, I've gathered up all my quilts and restored them (as in stored them again, no restore to their former glory).  I was eager to get my Easter quilt up, so I figured no time like the present.

I still want to sand the edges of the blocks, spatter them with black flecks, and seal them with Mod Podge again.  But they are pretty the way they are. 

Susie showed her creativity by rearranging them to pose with her monkey, Ty.

See what I mean?


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

700th Post and 36 Snowballs

Creative title, huh?  24-1/2" square.

24 Snowballs

Sew far, so good!!  Have I mentioned that I could SEW ALL DAY?  Unfortunately, daily life is there, and it's just so daily some days.

I have been working feverishly on some projects for Emily and her husband-to-be.  But these little snowballs are my leader/enders for other sewing, so they are sure to crop up in my blogging now and then.  This little piece is 16-1/2" x 24-1/2".

Random thoughts for today:  it is not courteous to "honk" goodbye when leaving someone's house at 5 AM...I love my bread machine...knowing there is another policeman living in our neighborhood makes me feel safe.  These are unrelated, by the way.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring and Snowballs

Here are some beautiful hyacinth bulbs I bought last week.  It was amazing to see them bloom before our very eyes.  Their scent brings to mind a next-door-neightbor I had growing up.  She had hyacinths planted in her yard.  So I called to see how she was doing.  She is old, but fine!

Here are some snowballs.  They finish at 4" square.  I finished the runner below a while ago.  These are ever-so-slightly larger.  I sewed these three rows together to see if the size was what I wanted.  It was! 

Another difference in this one is that I'm alternating a light gold snowball with a dark fabric one.

On the runner (pictured below), I hand quilted two diagonal rows 1/4" apart through the center of each block.  Also, all 4 corners on each block matched.  The matched corners were too stressful and time-consuming.  On my new quilt top (which I foresee taking years of scraps to piece to get up to size), I am not matching corners.  The quilting remains to be seen.

I finished another big top except for the outermost border today.  See it on my secret blog because it's, well, a SECRET!!  Email me if you want the URL.