Friday, July 22, 2011


If you follow my secret blog, check it out...there are a few new posts over there about another surprise quilt.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{754} Flower Girl

We are going to be adding a wide purple ribbon for a sash, but here she is...

Emily says it fits perfectly.  Now to sew that hem for real!


{753} A Little Piecing

Wanted to show you the little quilty sewing that's been going on around here.  The above picture (in pink) is from a magazine.  I wanted to make one, but could not find a pink I liked.  So I got a Civil War blue instead.  A few days ago, Emily (my soon-to-be-married daughter) said something about wanting a small quilt for their bedroom (which happens to be blue and chocolate brown).  I admitted that I had this kit under my sewing table.  She really likes it and asked me to make it for HER instead of ME.  I had to agree. 

Instead of getting the fabrics that the pattern suggested (1/4 yards of the browns), I got fewer pieces, but got 1/3 yards.  I made all I could from one brown to see if I'd have enough.  Yep--looks like a go.  It will still be slightly scrappy.  This is not Thimbleberries.  Shocking, I know.

Wedding preparations include me sewing a bridesmaid gown and jacket and doing lots of baking and cooking.  I am about to cut out the gown.  Sewed the flower girl dress last night and finished it this AM except for the hem.  It is sleeveless, fully-lined, with invisible zipper and lots of hand sewing.  I worked on it for about 8 hours total so far.  It will have a wide dark purple ribbon for a sash, but here it is...

A bridesmaid's dress is hanging behind it.  Emily wanted the flower girl to be a miniature of her, not match the bridesmaids.  It's her wedding, and that's what she wants.  I think it's cute!