Tuesday, July 10, 2018

{Post 1,589} This is Happening

I have started the machine quilting on my daughter’s wedding quilt. About 8-9 years ago, she expressed a desire to learn how to sew. I tried to show her how to sew on a machine. She just could NOT get a seam to be straight and equidistant from the needle...but she has so many other skills. We resorted to hand piecing. Alas, that was as disastrous. So I packed up her project (a scrappy rail fence with same centers) until she had interest in it again. Well, that never happened. So I took out her hand piecing and made this for her wedding. I am quilting it with a Wonky Feather pattern from Pajama Quilter. It will finish at 81" x 97"...a twin sized quilt or a couch throw. I have made a few passes, and this is how it’s looking...

Meanwhile on the cabinet completion meter...Wes put the lower sink-side cabinet doors back up for me last night. We agreed that with this, that, and the other, I should wait until AFTER Rachel’s wedding (8/18) to do the last side of the island...it is a doozy, and will take much work. The other part (other than it will need the most prep work because of a legion of daily living) is that it consists of 8 drawers, whose contents we use daily. They would have to be boxed up or on the island for use while the parts are being painted. Rachel’s bridal shower is 7/22. I am the shower hostess at our church, so a lot of that is on me. Plus, we still have two of our grandsons (newly-4 and 7 months) 24/5. 

Fortunately, the really terrible island side is not visible when one is in the kitchen, unless they are preparing or cleaning up food. That happens to usually be me, so it doesn’t bother others much.

Enjoy something you love doing today!