Saturday, April 7, 2012

{Post #953} Yard Sale Saturday

Bonnie is hostessing another Yard Sale Saturday.  I participate in each of these in an effort to get rid of things I no longer use (or never have used!). 

First up is this "My Quilting Journal" by Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries.  It is a quilter's memory book for thoughts and photographs of favorite quilts.  This is new and unused.  Spiral-bound on the inside (hard cover) with 143 pages.  I would ship this in a box so it does not get damaged en route.  $10.  SOLD!

Next up is a set of Thimbleberries Vintage Stitches blocks to embroider, color, etc.  There is an extra row at the bottom that could be used for pillows, wall hangings, etc.  The panel is straight, my photography is crooked.

This panel is $5 plus $2 for shipping first class.  SOLD

The rest of these items are unsold items from the last sale. I've come down in prices on some of the items.  I charge actual shipping on them, so I will get back to you with a price.  Include your zip code when you respond and what method of shipping (media, first class, or priority), and I'll get back to you with an amount.

This is a gently used hand-quilting hoop.  It is 9" x 15" x 1" deep.  $10 plus actual shipping.  This will ship in a box for protection against breakage.

Thimbleberries "Collection of Classic Quilts" by Lynette Jensen.  26 Quilting Inspirations for the Home.  224 pages, soft cover.  $10

"Winter Rose" by Barbara Brandeburg.  Like-new condition.  40 pages, soft cover.  Purchased with high hopes, but never used ;)  $5

"Quick Quilted Miniatures" by Darlene Zimmerman.  Slight scuffing on bottom right corner of cover.  Instructions are given for each quilt in small and mini size.  I made the cover quilt, and it is one of my favorites.  The sizes for that one are 12-1/2" x 14-3/4" and 20-1/2" x 24-1/2".  128 pages, soft cover.  $5

"Stars Galore and Even More" (Speed-cut Quilt Designs Using Hexagons and Octagons) by Donna Poster.  Like new.  182 pages, soft cover.  $5

"Pairing Up 2-Block Quilts" by Nancy Mahoney.  Like new, $8.  94 pages, soft cover.

"Simply Fun" by Glad Creations.  Like new.  84" x 98".  $3

"Scrappy Hearts" by Prairie Designs.  53" x 63-1/4".  Like new, $3

"Trail Mix" tote bag pattern by This & That.  Like new, $3

"Federal Square Table Runner" by Calico Cat Patterns & Designs.  20" x 45".  Like new, $3

"Day's Gone By" by This & That.  Runner 16-1/2" x 32-1/2".  Like new, $3

"My Favorite Bear Quilt" is 65" x 85".  You could leave off the bear and just do an Irish Chain pattern if you chose.  The bear is pieced into the quilt top, not appliqued. $3

"Harvest Table Toppers" by Thimbleberries.  Finish at 23" x 39-1/2".  Like new.  $3.  I have 2 of these; one has the applique shapes already cut out.

"Scrappy Shaggy Stars" by Country Traditions.  It uses the raw edge applique method where the edges of the stars are loose.  3 different sizes.  Like new.  $3

Friday, April 6, 2012

{Post #952} Glory!

Click here for my 2008 post of this blessed day.  Easter is my favorite holiday.  The triumphant music, the remembering of how Christ rose again from the dead and awaits me in heaven!!  I will be crying in choir for sure on Sunday AM.  

This event (Christ's crucifixion and burial) does not seem "good", but like one of my favorite Easter songs says, "Then Came Sunday".  Praise the Lord!


{Post #951} Feels Like Fall Blocks Finished

Leader/enders are amazing.  Yesterday I realized after a quick count that I only needed a few tiny geese to have all of those finished.  I had them safety-pinned in groups of 10, so it was easy to count them.  I needed 300 total.  That number seemed so gigantic when I was contemplating making this quilt, but, what in the world??  All my blocks are finished.

This AM I drew a template for the leaf and cut them out of 5 different scrap greens.  When I saved the pattern in a page protector, I forgot to get the leaf template off the pattern sheet.  But this works :)

I decided to use the raw-edge applique method like I did on my Bull's Eye quilt.  Perfect!!  This will gain so much personality with the quilting of the pumpkin segments, vines, and leaf veins.  But I'm likin' it a lot NOW!!  Here are the 30 blocks laid out.  Each block finishes at 10".

Doesn't that make your pumpkin-y heart go all a-pitter-patter??  Here is a close-up of one leaf...

After washing and drying, it will be all soft and fluttery-edged.    I.  love.  to.  quilt.

Bet ya never would've guessed!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Post #950} Second Post Tonight...Feels Like Fall

Tomorrow I just have to press and trim my blocks for the Feels Like Fall quilt.  I have 30 blocks to make, 15 pumpkins and 15 gosling blocks.  I am referring to the gosling blocks.  I have the pumpkin blocks all pieced, but I still need to draft and applique a leaf on each of them.  I am thinking of doing a raw-edge applique of the leaf.  

Here is a picture of my sewing area and the gosling blocks.  Each tiny flying geese finishes at 1" x 2".  Teeny tiny.

The shiny blue tin is what I've been using to keep the pieces together.  Now the blocks are nearly finished.  

I delved into a small stash I have of homespuns.  I don't like using them because they're so loosely woven and seem to "move" when I sew them.  In the pic above, the block closest to the bottom left corner has a piece of the homespun in's the 4th gosling from the left, a gold with dark blue plaid on it.  

I also used a few pieces of some shirts I got for 75 cents each yesterday.  The block (the right of the two in the front), the very center gosling is a green shirt print.  I think those shirts will go far.  A 2XL long-sleeved men's shirt has a LOT of fabric in it!!


{Post #949} Florabunda Fully Finished

Today I finished the machine quilting on the Florabunda quilt, bound it, labeled it, and washed and dried it.  A full day!!  I am enamored by the machine quilting on this beauty.  The HandiQuilter machine and frame makes it soooo easy to quilt lovely designs.  No monetary commission, just a happy customer.

I had a few small pieces of the 3-1/2" wide strips used to make the HSTs in each block.  I had just enough w/o cutting into any other pieces to cut BINDING!  Will the fabric supply ever end??  Hahaha...never throw away a shred, just.  in.  case.  This is about 70" x 90".

Our house runneth over with quilts.  The thing is, they are all special in different ways...pattern, technique, hand quilted, etc., etc.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Post #948} April "Count On It" Quilt

This month's pattern was a huge Easter egg, so I opted to make a different one.  Maybe by next April I will have designed and sewn my own pattern.  I'm envisioning 3 crosses on a layered hill.  No time for that this year.

Here is a 12" finished block I pieced some time back.  It looks fine.  These are just for my room after all!