Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Coming Up for Air

I appreciate the notes from those of you who read my blog. They always brighten my day.We bought a new-to-us car yesterday. That meant 2 trips to the owner's place and 3 trips to the DMV. At least that's no longer an issue (at least a pressing one!).

I'm feeling much better. My sinus headaches are nearly gone, and I can sleep lying night! What a concept! My throat is still fairly sore, and I cough if I talk much. But I can't really talk much, because I've nearly lost my voice. Why the wedding bells? I'm helping with a friend's son's wedding rehearsal dinner/BBQ/cookout on Friday night. I just bought all the ingredients for the few things I'm making. It would be nice if our oven was repaired by then as there are things to bake!

Since this is the first day I've had much of a chance to spend at home this week, I better get away from this box. I've got things to break, problems to cause, and people to annoy!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Is Me--With Longer Hair & Glasses

This past Friday night my daughter Emily and I helped a friend with her son's college graduation reception. She planned and bought the food and punch ingredients. We baked all the things that needed baked and set up everything at her house while they were at the graduation ceremony.

I have been to her home many times. My daughter and I were only there about 30 minutes when I said, "I'm allergic to something here." It just got worse as the evening went on. Friday night and last night were a tie for the 2 most miserable nights in my life. So exhausted, but I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe through my nose. For the little bit of time I could, the sore throat and headache pain was overwhelming. So you probably won't hear from my for a while. I hope to be among the living soon.