Friday, October 8, 2010

Two Big Finishes Tonight!

Another post tonight! When I began the binding on my NPOP I realized I only had one short side left to stitch. Then Rachel came down the finished the last few inches on my fall table runner. From this distance, I DO like the quilting...I just wish I had used a darker thread. I made inverted and "out"verted swirls (in other words--both directions) to give the pinwheels movement.

I wish ALL of you could come to my house and see the following quilt (especially you, Debbie). This turned out so nicely. I love the quilting in the borders. If you haven't seen Dawn Rameriz's DVD of the Pajama Quilter, you will have no mental picture, but these are Wonky Feathers. I love them. They are an open but lovely swirly favorite kind. There is no pillow tuck on this since it's going on our wall bed, hence the solid piece of fabric for under the pillows at the top.

Tomorrow I will wash these two new quilty items and put them to immediate use. The NPOP is for my daughter's room/our guest room. That's the same room, but she if often somewhere else!!



New Fall Table Runner for Kitchen

I bought the Twister rulers (large and small sizes) a while ago. I rarely buy specialty things that only have one use, but I was hooked. I plan to make lots of runners using these for Christmas gifts.

Last night I started this runner. I like it and I don't like it. Why would I be making a new fall table runner this late in the game (I'm already envisioning my home with Christmas greenery)?? We have taken two leaves out of our table, leaving us with a table for eight. I know that sounds enormous to some, but to us, it is small. To my last year's table runner it is small. I have to fold the runner under one block just so it doesn't extend out under the plates at the end of the table. This. won't. do.

So, I present my new fall table runner (until we put the leaves back in at least)...I like the runner, but I'm not crazy about the quilting I did on it (which I'll show you tomorrow).

And here is the close-up of the top. I was teaching my youngest daughter (12) how to do a layout of prints to make them look good. I also let her sew the 5" squares together. She needs much more practice at making consistent seam allowances and straight seams. Enough said. But since this is for me, I didn't make her rip out any more than was absolutely necessary. Didn't want to kill her enthusiasm for the whole hobby.

Off to hopefully finish my NPOP quilting...only about 3 feet long of an area to do in the borders. There are still two sides of binding to hand sew down, but I'll do that later while I watch a movie in bed (I hope).


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two More Blocks...and Source

It has been years since I bought a quilt magazine subscription. I have sooooo many quilts I want to make without the input of more patterns! The blocks in my last post are from the American Patchwork & Quilting October 2010 issue. I have bought the last two or three issues plus the Quilt Sampler magazines.

I made two more blocks...wish I could make the whole quilt today. Now, back to reality!!

The pattern is called "Granny Squares"'s reminicent of the granny square crocheted afghans. No colors look bad against the luscious dark chocolate sashings. This is so stinkin' easy to piece, but so impressive to look at. I only pinned the center rows on each block. The rest just mesh together if you follow the pressing directions.

Going to read for a while for a break. My NPOP is ready to work on some more, but I want to put my feet up for a few minutes.


Two Are Better Than One

I was all set to be a good girl and work on my NPOP this morning since I had a little sewing time. But then Rachel (bless her heart) offered to rip out the two machine quilted squiggly rows on it that I regretted. As soon as she's finished, I will attempt to quilt the remaining borders. It looks so good! I am doing Wonky Feathers in the border. I'd love to get some more free motion quilting designs that are "airy" as opposed to very heavy. I like for the piecing to shine, not the quilting. Any suggestions?

Do you like the red and blue zigzags or the green one, which is one block wider? I think I like the green better. is possible project #1 (but I think I've already found another use for the 4-patches...):

Here is the second. I don't remember the name of the pattern, but it is cute! The little squares finish at one inch square. Tiny! But darling. The blocks are like potato chips...I couldn't stop at one. Since I have a box of 1-1/2" strips, this project just flew along. The piecing is so much easier than it appears. This will be darling when it is finished. The blocks are 9" square. Just love it!

Back to the sewing machine...


Stranger Things Have Happened

Don't you love it when you find something that's been missing for a long time? Yesterday I found an item that has been missing for four months. I was too frugal to replace it, but I had started thinking about it! It was my flute. Yes--my flute. I was moving a bookbag yesterday in my room (that I never remember using) and wondered at how heavy it seemed. I looked inside, and lo, and behold--there was my flute. I thought it had been thrown away. You see, when I used it last, I drove our 15-passenger van home. I usually set the case upright in the trash can in the front so it would not slide around. When it was at large for so long, I assumed an unattentive person threw it out with the trash. I know, it sounds inconceivable, but stranger things have happened.

But the greater mystery...this runner has been missing for over a month. No one in my family knew where it was. I looked in every nook and cranny for it. When I went downstairs to sew today (yes, oh happy day!!) it was sitting on my cutting table, looking all innocent. I asked every single person in my family if they found it. I had to text one person who left this AM for a trip to Myrtle Beach, but all the others have said "no". What in the world? Did the quilt nappers get this and hide it from me just for grins? I think not!!

Check out my next post for two new projects. I have almost finished my NPOP, so better get a few more rolling, eh?