Thursday, October 17, 2019

{Post 1,692} Craft Obsession

So, probably due to the recent pumpkin overload, I am obsessed with crafts. But I have enough self-control to redirect that, because I NEED to be obsessed with laundry, meals, and other parts of life!!

I had seen a tutorial for making cards from napkins. On a recent trip to my daughter’s, one of her friends, who is one of my followers, gave me some napkins with pumpkins on them. I wanted to make some note cards, but I did not want to buy the envelopes. Yesterday I was at Aldi, and I got a box of 50 cards with envelopes for $1. I didn’t like most of the cards, but 2 cents for an envelope? Yes, please!

Today, I took one of the napkins and turned it into a note card. I did not find the tutorial very helpful. You know how it watch a tutorial on YouTube, and it looks so simple. But when you go to start it, you suddenly have all kinds of questions that were not addressed on the video.

But, it was so simple. I cut white card stock to the finished size I wanted (that would fit into my nearly-free envelope). I used a bone folder to make a fold line and folded it (duh!).

I had already cut my napkin and Cling Wrap (hello, Dollar Tree) a little larger than the front of the card. Next, I layered Cling Wrap on the card stock card.

Next, the napkin (only the decorated ply...most napkins are 2- or 3- ply...remove the white layers) was centered on the Cling Wrap.

Then lay a piece of white copy paper over the whole enchilada and iron with a dry iron until the Cling Wrap melts (it will stick to the copy paper. This is after I trimmed away the tiny bit of napkin and Cling Wrap. It looks so linen. I love it! Thanks, mystery friend who donated the napkins.

Sometimes I wonder about me, but I have a compulsion to reveal at this time. I l-o-v-e seasonally decorated napkins. I had an aunt that would buy me sets when I was first married...Easter, Independence Day, holiday was safe. We used some of them, but I KEPT THEM ALL!!! I see a long and glorious future of making my own cards. Vintage Easter Card? I got you, girl!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

{Post 1,691} Pumpkins Galore!

A week ago today, my daughter-in-law and I went to a class to knit large pumpkins. Here we are at the end of the class:

I am holding two. The orange one is a wrapped version. 

A few days later I started making these from upcycled sweaters. They are so cute. 

A long-time friend bought five of them from me and created this on her dining room table. Is it obvious she stages homes for a realtor for a living?

My husband was gone Monday through Friday for work training in Texas (we live in NC), so it was a lot of free time for me to create pumpkins and quilts. A customer brought over two vintage quilts. I started machine quilting the first one after spending six hours attaching a border on it to make it square. It is so beautiful.