Tuesday, February 9, 2021

{Post 1,744} Strangely Productive Day


I always have a to-do list a mile long. I check off three things and add seven. It’s a way of life for me. Today was no exception. Timmy stayed overnight last night, which meant we chilled last night for hours. I needed it. He did, as well. We snuggled and snuggled, and snuggled some more. 

This AM I got some work done in my sewing room while he slept. Then we had homemade protein waffles for breakfast and got his school work done in a snap. His writing is bee-you-tee-ful!! After we finished, I finished the quilt sham and got it in the wash. Timmy helped me decluttering in my craft room for an hour. We cleaned off and around a 8’ banquet table that can now be folded up and stored. I am using the “Decluttering At The Speed of Life Method” by Dana K. White, and boy howdy, does it work well. I am reducing what I have down to the reasonable available space. I started a group on FB for things I am giving away. I was able to rehome several neat things. I listed some antiques on FB Marketplace and hope to sell those. 

Timmy left in the early afternoon. I started machine quilting a customer quilt. As of now, I have all but about 15” wide finished on that. 

My husband and I were given a gift card to Red Lobster, which is possibly my favorite restaurant. Well, it was until tonight. We just learned that they have removed their warm apple crostada from the menu. <heavy sigh>. We were so disappointed. But we’ll make it. So we drove 45 minutes to the Red Lobster and had a great meal (I brought half of mine home for lunch tomorrow). 

I have been looking for a TV cabinet (we still use a DVD player and Wii console). I keep looking at the thrift stores. We have a very specific space and measurements. Nothing has turned up. We ended up looking at a couple stores tonight. We found one for far less than we had anticipated (at least for buying it new). It is a some-assembly-required things, and I hope to get that together in the next couple of days.

A customer dropped off a darling baby quilt this afternoon (we should really have a revolving door on the front of the house!). It is sooo cute. The colors are very unique. An orchid, grayish turquoise, gold, peach, and lots of black and white. I will post a picture when I quilt it.

Here are some of the antique items I am selling. They were my grandmother’s. There is just not room in our house for them, especially since we are reducing our living space so greatly. These items are interesting to me just because I saw them at her house for so many years. The first item is a wooden bucket, the second is an ash bucket, and the third is a wash board.

The pressure is on to get my craft room emptied out. My youngest daughter and her family are coming February 27 and will be staying in there. That’s just a little over two weeks. My goal is to have it converted to a guest room with our queen-sized bed. I am also looking for a twin-bed frame and headboard/footboard. I found a marvelous set on FB tonight, but the seller is not returning my messages. I am guessing it is already sold. It looks perfect for our grandchildren’s guest bedroom.

That’s about all for today. I am loving my bullet journal. I am keeping it simple. I have seen some where the person literally spends hours drawing multi-colored art work then puts a short quote on the page or whatever. That is fine for them, but I’d rather be piecing than recording it!!

Take care, my friends.

Monday, February 8, 2021

{Post 1,743} More of The Same


It seems like I am in the same routines I was when my children were young...meals, home schooling, etc. My grandson is learning like a champ. Honestly, I am not biased. He is so intelligent. He is staying overnight tonight. I love that kid.

We are moving some things around in our house. As of April, all our children will be gone from our home. If you’re new here, I have 8 children. Our house has 6 bedrooms and an office. We have a friend that just started working from home. They have a small house and 4 children. My husband offered to move his office upstairs into an empty bedroom and allow our friend to use his office that is entered through the garage. 

My husband is finishing up moving a stacking washer/dryer into my clothing closet. The original set are in the finished basement. After my son is married, we are going to rent out his bedroom, a full bath and the laundry room/kitchen (that is currently missing the kitchen part!). Having laundry facilities upstairs will help out with that transition a lot. We will need to put a door in the hallway to have a division between the two bedrooms downstairs. We are keeping one for our children’s use when they visit. Then we will put in new flooring after my son moves out. We need a stove/oven and a kitchen sink instead of a laundry room sink plus seating for the kitchen.There really is not much to do. We already have had several young single men interested in renting it.

Today I finished a long-term project (well, I actually finished it after working on it yesterday and today). I ordered a charm pack on January 4, and it just arrived a couple days ago. So I worked on it immediately. It is a pillow sham to match a twin-sized quilt I made this past summer. This is the quilt...

Here is the sham. I just made a quilted front with the design being the size of a standard pillow. Then I put a zipper up the middle of the back. I laid it wrong sides together and stitched in the ditch of the pattern area and again at 1/4” inside of that. Then I attached binding in the usual way.

With that project finished, I will get it in the mail tomorrow. A customer brought over a baby quilt today for me to machine quilt. I have two others, and I need to get started on them. 

Take care, and leave a comment so I know you were here.