Friday, April 26, 2019

{Post 1,661} Ten Days Gone

I was thinking this AM that I have not posted in a few days...make that TEN!!  Time surely doth take wings.

I probably have to look back at my pictures and see what I’ve been up to. Quilt-wise, I’ve been piecing this simple 9-patch for my 7th child, my daughter, Rachel. She is my 4th and youngest girl. This will be her first baby. She is having a boy. The nursery will be grey.

Heretofore, gray has not been in my stash. My DIL asked for a gray and white quilt for Christmas, so I did get a few, but I did not use any of those in this quilt because they were all solids. I thought I had several white with gray print shirts, and that was my first idea. Then I realized I only had 2 full shirts and 2 small pieces of others.

I went to 7 different thrift stores and quilt stores total before I landed a few white with gray prints. I wanted a large variety. I think it turned out well.

The quilt will be about 48” xx 58” when finished, backed with solid gray Minkee to make it extra soft and snuggly.

I only need 6 more 9-patches. The strips are sewn together, waiting for sub-cutting, then attaching in rows.

Until next time!