Saturday, September 29, 2012

{Post 1,062} Christmas Ornaments

Here is a little idea I sorta copied from two pictures I have seen put together.  They are made from selvages, then used a pinked blade rotary cutter for trimming:

They will eventually all have trunks.  I ran out of steam.  Just can't get motivated today.  I made the two green with horizontal pieces first, then tried some diagonal greens, then made 8 of the diagonal cream, thinking they would show best against green branches on a tree.  I am going to make a short jute hanger and attach it with a button at the top.  I will probably list these on eBay or Etsy down the road.

So tired.


{Post 1,061} Bad Blogger

Shockingly enough, it's been over a week since I've blogged. Bad, bad blogger.  I find I am running myself ragged (again still) and everyday life is just so daily.  

On the sewing front (which is about all I post not be deceived--I have a whole, very full, non-sewing life) I have a couple finishes for the week.

One of our family friends is expecting a baby any day.  In my former (think summer) I'm-ahead-of-the-baby-quilt game, I got slack and totally missed this particular friend's quilt.  So I used one of Mary's Quickie Strip quilts with fabrics I had on hand.  This was so fast and ended up so cute (IMHO).  Without further ado, here it is with the Color Catcher fresh from the dryer (and it looks like it's a good thing it was in there):

Since the piecing was so fast, I did a little "fancier" quilting.  Variegated green/blue/red/yellow thread in the blue and in the red, white on the Pooh print.  

The blue stripes have a wavy zigzag...the red has my reverse curlicues.  The white has a new-to-me box stipple.  I don't know if the baby will be a boy or girl, so I made something kind of neutral.

The back--again, from my stash.  I used a light blue thread in the bobbin to match the color of the toile.

In more breaking news, I found out recently that my oldest daughter will be living in Wisconsin in an apartment for the foreseeable future.  I asked her if she wanted me to make her a set of seasonal wall quilts, and she said YES!  So this is the first one:

What a difference a little flash makes!  Same quilt: