Tuesday, October 6, 2015

{Post 1,493} On The Quilting Front

I have had a few flights and in-the-car-as-the-passenger time lately.  So that means some progress has been made on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt (do I hear cheering??).

Here is a picture of the top laid on my queen-sized bed.  Keep in mind that I have quite a few more rows to add for the pillow tuck.  In the picture, the top isn't even to the top of the mattress, but it's still encouraging.

My husband, son, and I are leaving in the AM for a flight to Arizona to see the newest family member, my oldest son's first child.  Plenty of stitching time awaits!!

Here are two blocks I worked on while flying to PA this past Monday.  I did a little stitching then, too.  I was so glad my manicure scissors were able to fly with me.  I got them at Walmart in the beauty department.  The tips are rounded.

Here is what is in the soon-to-be-finished stage.  Two of the blossoms are partially finished, and one that is complete is not attached to the mother ship yet.

This is laying on top of my bed.  I have some more rows to piece, but I'm much farther along than I thought!!

Here is the plan for the next five blocks.  I have high hopes, so I cut the strips I needed to the right width to take on the airplane with me. 

I have put piles of coordinating fabric where the next block colors are selected.