Thursday, July 5, 2018

{Post 1,588} Barn Quilt and More Kitchen Update

Our church has an annual family camp. On the way back this year, I spotted this beauty and snatched a picture...

Speaking of wooden quilts, I plan to make one of these flags after seeing a friend’s (she purchased hers, but how hard could this be?)...

Meanwhile in the kitchen...the cabinet painting is moving along. I took off two whole weeks from working on it for our VBS and then family camp, with a few days in between.  We made a few changes while all this was happening in our kitchen. We went from a double wall oven to a single. My husband finished out the upper oven section with a shelf and added an electrical outlet in the back for our Power Air Fryer Oven while he was at it.

Then I literally begged him to cut off the scalloped wood canopy above the sink and replace the fluorescent light with another type. It makes the kitchen look so much more modern. Here is the before.

Notice in this after picture that I also painted the little sliver of wall between the cabinets and the window white. So many changes!!

There are five doors drying in the garage right now. Once those are back up (lower under the sink cabinets), all that is left is one side of the island. That is the area that has had the most wear and tear, but they are the newest cabinets in our kitchen, so the original wood should be in the best shape. There are 8 drawers and 4 doors on that side, but I am eager to finish them. 

My daughter’s wedding is in six weeks. I must finish the island before then and do all things wedding. I happen to be the shower coordinator at my church. That means I plan and run the bridal and baby showers. It will be odd doing that for my own daughter,  but I’m planning already. It is actually in a little over two weeks. I picked up some fabrics for a pendant banner and some thick scrapbook paper for a garland of various-sized circles. On my way to the register, I saw the bouquet. Those are the exact colors of her wedding (Tiffany blue, blush pink, and white). I grabbed that since it was half off as well. Lots of ideas rolling around up in my little brain.