Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sample of Sashing

This is a sample of how my Scrappy Stars quilt will look with sashing.  I have to end my sewing time for today.  The top left block has the cream strips sewn to the center block.  The other pieces are just plunked down on my design wall.  Have to see if I like this before I do any more sewing on it this way.  This is NOT the original plan for these blocks.  How do YOU like it?

The plan is to sew the rows of 3 x 4 blocks together this way, then put one more row of cream on the outside with one last 2" square between each sash, then border it with a solid piece of...something...not sure what just yet!


Two More Quilts from 2" Squares...Are MORE Hiding?

Susanna found these two other quilts I made pieced from 2" squares of scraps.  I believe the top one is the first quilt I pieced from these units.  She probably remembers it because she claimed it as soon as it was pieced.  In fact, I didn't remember it all...she has it hidden in her room somewhere and wouldn't even let me in there while she "retrieved" it.  That is funny to me for some odd reason.

The bottom picture is the blocks and alternate squares of a quilt I made for my beloved grandma, Elaine Phillips.  She got to enjoy it some time before she passed away.  I have a picture of it under "quilts given as gifts" on my Web Shots album.  There is a link along the left side of my page.  I tried copying the picture here, but it only allowed the postage stamp sized version.  It turned out lovely.  I might make another somewhat like it.

This trip down memory lane has made me curious about how many quilts have come from my 1-1/2" wide strip boxes.  I might have to investigate.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Inch Squares

I have used up SO many two-inch squares.  Seemingly meaningless scraps.  Until you make something you like.  The top two pictures are still in the "quilt top" phase of their lives.  But, Lord willing, my Handi-Quilter will be here soon and I can remedy that!

As I was piecing another Scrappy Stars block last night, I saw that my 4-patch basket was NEARLY empty!!  How could that be?  I went through my pictures and gleaned out a few pictures from the last two years.  Glad I didn't throw away those little scraps of fabric now!!  These were all made with the leader/ender method as a starter and then focused on completely after many of the units were finished.

Now I'm wondering how many projects I've made from my 1-1/2" strips boxes?  Hmmm...another question for another time.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Project for V-Day

I saw this runner on a friend's blog...want to make one (or two).

One more block on the design wall tonight.  I'm at the place where I am being selective about colors to balance things out.

Hope you enjoy some sewing time tonight.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Nine Blocks Up on The Wall

Above is what's on my design wall tonight...nine scrappy star blocks and Rachel's quilt.  My daughter, Rachel (12), is hand-piecing a baby-sized quilt.  She always wants to be busy, so she took some of my scraps and is making a stretched star quilt.  She plans on hand-quilting it as well.  You know that makes this mom's heart go all pitter patter.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Susie's New Look

This is my sweet Susanna. She decided to get her hair cut a couple days ago. Those might sound like ordinary words to most folks, but it sent a shiver up my spine. Her hair a mink's coat...lovely. Here she is before...

And after...From the back before...And after...