Friday, March 29, 2013

{Post 1,147} Tree of Life Update

Worked on this quilt a tad this AM.  It might seem like I'm making great progress, but remember that all the blocks were pieced when I started a little while ago.

We are getting ready for company Sunday.  I'll be starting my Easter cooking today and do much more tomorrow.  

Hope to squeeze in a little sewing here and there, but time will tell.

Happy Good Friday.  So glad that Christ left His heavenly home to come die for me (and you)!

My pieced border for this is coming along nicely.  I am using the strips for that as a leader/ender as I piece the rows of this and add them.  Won't be long before it's ready to quilt!

Any ideas for a fast throw-sized quilt for a thank-you for a family that has been helping my daughter?  I'm all ears.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

{Post 1,146} Easter Chalkboard

Here is my first ever chalkboard design.  I looked around on the web for some ideas and hints about using a chalkboard. It was harder than I thought.  The chalk doesn't make a solid line like I expected.  But here it is in all its 16" x 20" glory...

{Post 1,145} Cuteness

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Post 1,143} Cell Phone Pouch and Chalkboard

Last night I became aware of e-patterns that were $1 each, so I took a look.  I had tremendous self-control and only ordered 3.  One was for a cell phone pouch.  I have lost my phone in my tote bag countless times.  I'll be digging frantically for it when someone is calling, only to find it after the call has gone to voice mail.

I didn't have elastic thread or even a snap to finish this.  My phone is in it in the picture.  It is supposed to fasten over one of the handles on the tote bag.  My phone fits rather snugly, but that's OK.  At least it won't go shooting out like a rocket.  I will get some elastic thread on my next trip out.

This is a project that I hope is ready by Sunday.  It was a picture of a bouquet of flowers.  It's 16" x 20".  The glass is behind the paint box. 

The frame has lovely detail.  I have admired the chalkboard art around and about.  I have resisted up until now.  I painted the glass that came with the picture with black Rustoleum chalkboard paint.  The second picture shows the frame up close.

Monday, March 25, 2013

{Post 1,142} Border Tryouts

I got quite a bit of the pieced border finished, so I wanted to try it out on the quilt.  I cut an inner border that I thought I would like, but I think I'll use that for the outer border and omit the black (this time--it's a favorite color of mine for quilts).

For the pieced border, I have 4 strips going at one time, one for each side.  That way as I add new attention-getting colors, they are automatically spread out on all 4 sides.  Genius, right?

Anywho, here it is so far:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Post 1,141} New UFO to Attack

Don't look at this post and think "she is such a fast piecer".  I pieced these Tree of Life blocks some time ago.  I already had the sashing strips and cornerstones cut out.  Today I laid them out and started sewing them together.  I also am sewing more 1-1/2" strips for the pieced border on this quilt as a leader/ender whilst I piece the center.  

There is a single-fabric inner border, then a pieced border of 1-1/2" pieces, then a larger outer border.

Here are some pics of the process.  First, my 1-1/2" border started, a few strips outside the box (literally), and then my blocks and my progress so far today.

I guess it pays to sew instead of take a nap on a Sunday afternoon!