Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun at Grandma's

Poor little girl...just konked out on the chair. I covered her with my sister's soon-to-be I Spy quilt. Too much fun at Cedar Point yesterday and 4-wheelin' tonight. Bless her heart.


Quilt Show Pic #8

We are visiting my parents in Ohio. They have a different house (new to them), and it has so much more room. We are planning a big picnic/barbecue for tomorrow, but just hanging out right now.

Here is another cool quilt from the Hickory quilt show. Lots of work in this one!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tweetsie Railroad

Wes had the day off from work yesterday. I thought it would be our average day at home...him working on office work, me cooking, doing laundry, squeezing in some sewing, the kids doing whatever. Our oldest two still at home had planned a hiking day with two friends starting at 8 AM, so they wouldn't be home until they needed to go to work later in the afternoon.

Out of the blue, my husband suggested we go to Tweetsie Railroad. He suggested it Sunday night, but I didn't actually think it would happen. We are not a fun, spontaneous couple. I thought it was just a random, wild, fleeting thought. At seven the next morning, we were off!!

Here is a chronological pictorial layout of the day...

One of the first things we did after taking a few pictures was ride on the train. It was coal-run...and the cinders did fly. Susanna took this of us...she is great at self-portraits.

I wanted to try the self-portrait challenge, so here is a pic of me and hubby that *I* took. Need more practice.
Isaac (Sheriff Isaac, I mean) threw us all in the Tweetsie Jail. Fortunately there was no lock on the door.
There were lots of places for great pictures if you were patient enough for the other park-goers to get out of the way!
There was a small but interesting petting zoo. Do you emu? Rachel does!! Check out the TOES on that bird!!
Here are Isaac and Benjamin with a completely cute baby goat that was outside the pens.

All four of the kids on a hay wagon. I found it amusing that several ladies stopped me and commented on our big family. I usually quipped, "You don't know the half of it" then explained that this was only half of our children.

Wes and I at our summer home, LOL!

There was a handful of rides, but we enjoyed them to the max...well, all except my dear, sweet, hubby. I have known him over 25 years, but never knew he cannot stomach (literally), the spinning, plummeting, gut-wrenching rides. Live and learn!

Susanna and Rachel on the Tweetsie their expressions!! When I rode on this with Isaac, I could. not. stop. laughing. And I do mean hilariously laughing. Got off with tears streaming down my face. Still can't explain it, and am somewhat troubled about it.

Rachel and Wes on the Ferris Wheel.

In summary, here are two pics that tell about our energy and enthusiasm level. Beginning of the day...

End of the day.....................

Thanks to my husband for planning a most fun excellent day!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tiny Update

Things here have been going at warp speed. I have hardly been on the computer at all.
My oldest daughter is spending the next six weeks helping some good friends who started a church in Colorado. She will be gone for her birthday, so we had a "surprise" party for her. Well, as nearly a surprise as it could be since she told us when to have it and selected the menu. My other girls did the decorations, and Emily helped greatly with food preparation. Here is Benjamin hamming it up after hanging the birthday banner outside...

My husband and I gave her an iTouch...I think she is pleased!!

Our church did something new and different for us for today's services. We had "Old-Fashioned" Sunday. We are normally old-fashioned, but today was exceptional... I wasn't going to dress up, but decided yesterday that I had to do something. So I found some fabric on hand (you didn't think I was going to BUY any, did you?) and made this dress and hat. Fortunately, a friend had a white "Pilgrim" apron I could borrow. After the AM service we had "dinner on the grounds" then an afternoon service.

The little girl with me?? She is a sweetie pie that attends my church. Her grandma from Michigan was visiting. I was talking to her grandma when she came over. This girl says the most hilarious things. She told her grandma that *I* was her "grandma" when she didn't have any other grandmas here. I quickly explained that I didn't have any grandchildren. She quipped, "Well, you have ME!!" Her little brother is also pictured.

Here is a picture of our youth pastor, music director, and pastor (L-R), with their wives (this is for you, June). They aren't smiling because it's an old-timey photo, and people didn't smile for those.

I have also been busy getting things (as in projects) together for our trip to Ohio this week. I want to take more than I know I will have time to finish, but where to draw the line?? I will have about 12 hours each way in the car (most of that daylight hours), and love to stitch in the car (or Pilot, as the case may be).

Yesterday I traced and transferred the pieces to this wool table mat that I've had for...well...a really long time. It is so cute, and I can never have too many pumpkin decorations. I saw it on a friend's blog and just had to order one. This is not my mat, but a picture of the finished product. It ends at the edge of the black scallop.

Other items are moving right along, but for the next few days, trip planning to the max.