Friday, August 23, 2019

{Post 1,682} Time Flies

I got together a big box of novelty prints (14 pounds’ worth) to send to a friend who makes charity kids’ quilts. While I was doing that, I came across a stack of triangles (4-1/2” cut in half) of I Spy prints. I had another small stack of bright yellow triangles the same size, so I started sewing them together. I ran out of yellow before I ran out of prints, so I grabbed some purple tone-on-tone. Same. The came orange, then blue...throw in a little greeen...

I didn’t have a plan originally, but here is what I ended up with. That gave me the idea of starting this as a Christmas gift. I will add another border or two.

I also came across a small stack of bright pink squares while I was hunting.  Same plan (no plan). Here is where that stands. I am using the pink and white 4-patches as leader/enders for my third spontaneous project.

Here is my third project. A table mat in the making.  Pieced, but not trimmed yet. This will also get a cream then colored border