Thursday, December 1, 2022

{Post 1,774} So Much Joy!


I hope everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving holiday. We were resigned to just having 3 guests. We were trying to be fine with it. But our youngest daughter, her husband, and their two children were supposed to be with us all week. Their van was in the shop, and the part to repair it was late coming in. They tried to find a car to rent, but the price was sky-high and they couldn’t find a car! They planned to call me Wednesday to reschedule their trip. When my son-in-law called, he asked, “Are you looking at your calendar?” I said I was. He said, “How does tomorrow look?” A man in their church knew their trip was cancelled and paid for them to rent a car. He even found them a car! Last one available in their little town. I burst into tears! You can imagine! I just realized we had such a fun and busy visit that I did not take one single picture. Also had the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. We had one of our sons and our best friends over for the meal and visiting afterwards. 

Last time I was at their house in PA (I live in NC) a dear friend of my daughter’s asked me to finish a quilt she and her daughter had started more than 20 years ago. I didn’t realize the amount of work involved, but I agreed. 

The center was finished when I started working on it. One of the challenges was that it was so old that the fabrics were no longer available. They had chunks and bits, so I cobbled borders together. When I first got it, it was finished out to the edge of the blocks. So I added the pink, cream, and blue borders. I did lots of math to squeeze every inch I could out of the fabrics available. 

Here is a close-up. She had never pieced a quilt before. The seams are huge, the blocks should have been trimmed before sashing and cornerstones were added, but all in all a lovely job.

Here is the whole thing quilted. It ended up measuring 82” x 94”.

My daughter was able to take it back for her. She sent me a video today of our friend seeing it for the first time. She loves it, which makes it all worthwhile. She has advanced Parkinson’s and her extremities shake so badly. I was happy to finish this for her.

Tell me something in the comments that you are thankful for!

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