Friday, October 30, 2009

New Fall Table Runner...'s still in the quilt top stage, but I pieced a new fall table runner for us. I used up all scraps except for the black for the chain running diagonally through the top. Quick and easy. I originally had 6 blocks, but it ended up being too long for our table for twelve. A little frog stitching, and I was all set! It's very large (don't have an exact measurement). My daughter is standing on a chair in the pic, and it's barely off the floor.

I also pieced a few blocks for a quilt I'm going to be piecing with a friend. It's the 21st Century Bull's Eye from Quilts from Aunt Amy by Country Threads. I wanted to make a few blocks to show my friend what it will look like on a small scale. The seam allowances are on the top, so they curl up slightly after washing and add an interesting dimension to the quilt. Another stashbuster!



Caryn said...

Hi Joan! Your tablerunner and your bullseyes are both very nice! Lots of autumn color going on - I love it! Gotta love a stashbuster and curved piecing that is raw edge is pretty cool too - and a lot easier I'm guessing.

momtofatdogs said...

I had to read this twice because I thought she was just TALL! Ha Ha Ha.

Very pretty. I love the colors.


Anonymous said...

Your Table-runner is absolutely gorgeous.


Grace F. said...

Joan, when sewing the bull's eye, are you using a zig zag stitch or straight stitch? How close to the edge of the circle are you sewing? After washing, will it be like a rag quilt?