Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Are Better Than One

I was all set to be a good girl and work on my NPOP this morning since I had a little sewing time. But then Rachel (bless her heart) offered to rip out the two machine quilted squiggly rows on it that I regretted. As soon as she's finished, I will attempt to quilt the remaining borders. It looks so good! I am doing Wonky Feathers in the border. I'd love to get some more free motion quilting designs that are "airy" as opposed to very heavy. I like for the piecing to shine, not the quilting. Any suggestions?

Do you like the red and blue zigzags or the green one, which is one block wider? I think I like the green better. is possible project #1 (but I think I've already found another use for the 4-patches...):

Here is the second. I don't remember the name of the pattern, but it is cute! The little squares finish at one inch square. Tiny! But darling. The blocks are like potato chips...I couldn't stop at one. Since I have a box of 1-1/2" strips, this project just flew along. The piecing is so much easier than it appears. This will be darling when it is finished. The blocks are 9" square. Just love it!

Back to the sewing machine...



Leeanne said...

Dear Joan, I just love your quilts, the colours....Yummy!
How about a open cable design? I'm assuming it is for a border?If you use a thread that matches your fabric and make it a light weight thread it will give texture more that a dominating 'line'.Even straight line stitching works well, again using matching thread.
I do like the zig zags, but I like all...not much help, but then I can't see the whole quilt.

Leeanne said... those cute 9" blocks.

Anonymous said...

I love those blocks of tiny squares!

I also really like the zig-zags, but I actually like the red and blue ones better.

~ Meagan