Thursday, January 19, 2023

{Post 1,778} Florals Again

 Another floral quilt to share today. They are growing on me. I should have expected that, right?

I found a fantastic pattern. Several of my friends, after seeing my quilt, have purchased their own pattern. It is called Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Pattern. The maker is Michelle. You can find her patterns on her Etsy Shop. Her company name is From Bolt to Beauty. 

Up front I need to say that I don’t usually use actual jelly rolls. I find them frustrating for 3 reasons. 1. They are marked up in price so much for the fabric they include. I am very frugal. 2. The patterns that are written for them either require more than one jelly roll or I end up with weird fabrics left over because they are not used in the pattern. 3. The width of the strips vary from one jelly roll cut to the next. If I have to measure and trim them, are they truly a time saver? So I cut my own jelly roll strips and just use patterns that call for them.

This is another quilt from the box of florals my sister gave me. Last week when I had the exhilarating experience of visiting an actual quilt shop (those have been few and far between), I bought a purple to match many of the fabrics in the florals box. It is called “Spotted” by Moda. The shop was not very large, and this was one of the only few purples. It was the only one that was the right shade. 

The next time I use this pattern, I will do it differently. I know most of you probably have never made it. The center of each verticals row is the same size pieces across the whole thing, and one adds different length pieces at the top and/or bottom to get the zigzag effect. I wish I had just sewn all of those, then arranged my prints in the order I wanted, then added those top and bottom pieces. I am one of those quilters who always wishes she had done something else before completing the piecing. But I am getting over that. Finished is good.

My sister’s favorite color is purple, which, oddly enough, I didn’t know until after I finished this top. Although I love her with all my heart, there are a lot of things I don’t know about her. I only see her in person a couple times a year, and we don’t talk much otherwise. So, upon finding that out, I am going to finish this for her. Amazon tells me my quilting thread should arrive today. I made this four rows wider than the original lap size because I had just enough purple to make those rows and still have enough to bind it.

Here are some pictures of the piecing progress. First, the fabric pull.

Sewing all those vertical rows together!

My top measures 63” x 70” with the additional 4 vertical rows. I will definitely be making this top again. I love a fast pattern that is also easy and attractive. This one ticks those boxes!

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Gypsy Quilter Designs said...

That's a very pretty top. The florals look lovely all meshed together. Thanks for sharing.

Lindah said...

Ohh, wow! Love those colors. Lucky sister. Lucky you to have a sister.
I'm with you on the jelly roll vs cutting my own strips. I don't want any unloved jelly roll strips lurking around my sewing area. Have fun finishing up and presenting that lovely quilt.