Tuesday, June 14, 2022

{Post 1,764} New Quilting Pattern Test Run

I have a large quilt top of my own that I want to quilt soon. As I was thinking of a pattern, I noticed one I liked that made me think of water/the ocean, which is what I think when I see the colors of my quilt-top-to-be-quilted. I decided to quickly put a border on this I Spy quilt. Had just the perfect fabric in my stash.

I don’t use a lot of bright fabrics, but I’ve always loved this stripe. Had enough, which is always a good thing. 

So I started the pattern I had in mind…Swirls and Bubbles. While I liked it a lot, I don’t prefer dense quilting. I’m wondering if I could have made it in a much larger scale. I will try that on my plexiglass sheet. 

After one pass of that pattern, I switched to looser waves. Just a gentle wave from side to side. I plan to do another section the same size of the Swirls and Bubbles at the bottom. Since this is one of my own quilt tops, there was not a lot of pressure to please the owner, LOL!

A couple other random pictures of my life recently. 

Finished this quilt top center. I will add some kind of border. Already have a plan in mind.

Some pictures of Luke’s daughter, for those who know him. She was watching a cowboy twirling his huge lasso in the second picture.

I finally made a grocery bag from a pattern I bought from michellepatterns.com. I made the large size. This are her bags, not the one I made. I like it, and I will be making more. It went together so quickly, and is made from regular quilting cotton fabric.

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