Saturday, September 4, 2021

{Post 1,755} I’m Still Here


It has been sooo long since I’ve blogged. I’d have to look back through pictures (which, to be honest, I rarely think to take of anything except quilts…when I’m with people, I like to stay in the moment and not be focused on picture taking) to see what I’ve been doing.

I will work backwards with the quilts. I am making a second Dash Along quilt. I made this one first.

I liked that one so much that I immediately ordered fabric to make one like my friend, Kairle, who was leading the sew along. I just started working on it a short time ago. These pictures show how far I’ve gotten on my design wall. I have pieced the remaining block units. Just going to stop and quilt a customer’s quilt before continuing on it The brown one is 5 x 6 blocks (each block finishes at 12”). Due to a mess-up on my part, the new one will be 6 x 7, using up all the fabrics in the layer cake. I had to dig through my little tabletop trash can for more background fabric. I bought the amount the smaller version called for, then when I realized I would need to make more blocks, I held my breath and started cutting up my leftover fabric. I did not want to buy any extra. I had to piece one 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” piece, and beside it is how much I had left over from what I purchased. If you look at the layout, you will see that every other block is a gray Churn Dash. The other are Kitty Corn fabric.

I finished a couple UFOs of my own. Here is one I love. Brown is one of my favorite colors in quilts.

A long time back someone had gifted me with about 10 large novelty hexagons. I cut some (using one of the gifted ones as a template) out of my novelty fabrics and hand-pieced the hexagons during my grandson’s karate lessons (I serve as his chauffeur). Then a friend asked me to make two I Spy quilts for her two grandchildren. Well, this will be one of them! I need to add borders (purchased fabric for that today). Here is a whole pic and some close-ups for you to enjoy.

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