Sunday, March 29, 2020

{Post 1,711} I Can See My Cutting Tabletop

This is the cleanest my cutting table has been for simply ages. Here is the before and after.

All that is on it is a small, beautiful Christmas wreath quilt. All it needs is binding, and that’s what the red bolt of fabric is for.

Then I got set to clear off the floor beside the cutting table (that nearly prevented me from getting TO the cutting table). This pile is completely gone, but I did not take a picture.

I found numerous projects, most near completion. At least now I have some hand-quilting projects to choose from should I get the whim. These were all in the pile closest to my cutting table (green curtains underneath).

This just needs the basting stitches removed and a pillow back sewn on.

This was a sampler from Kim Diehl. I have two of the smallest blocks to hand-quilt and the binding put on.

This is a 20” pillow cover that just needs a back (it has a twin somewhere, but it hasn’t turned up yet).

These two pillow covers are finished. All they need is pillow forms inside.

This only needs hand quilting on the bottom right side of the cream and a backing put on. It is a pillow. The design in the white pumpkin area is called Pumpkin Seeds. I. Love. It. It was just spritzed with water to remove the Mark-B-Gone to show where to hand quilt.

I also found a pumpkin quilt that has the rows sewn together. I just need to sew the five rows to each other to complete the top.

In spite of getting so much done today, I feel like I slacked off most of the day. At the bottom of the blue laundry basket that held all these mostly-finished projects were five shirts to be deboned. My scrap string shirt bin was full (it is not very big anyway), so I pieced the color portion of 16 blocks for a Bonnie Hunter’s Virginia Bound quilt. It’s paper pieced. I thought it would diminish my shirt string scraps, but I can’t tell I used any. I need 80 for the quilt. I found 16 foundations while I cleaned up today. The sides get covered with neutral strings. This is the only quilt I have made more than once. I have completed two of them so far. Now I’m starting my third. I like it so much because all width of strings can be used.

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momtofatdogs said...

I have many strings & scraps to cut up! I may just need to make a Virginia Bound!

Maggie Ann said...

Joan, you make such beautiful things! I am in awe....(a happy state for procrastinators to enjoy) and I loved seeing your before and after pictures....real life it! My craft room is a mess and needs worked on for sure.

Instead, I am napping and reading and doing jigsaw puzzles. And praying. Hope you've had a blessed day....stay well dear friend.

Maggie Ann said...

Your things are beautiful! I loved seeing your booth !

Ruth said...

I'm positive that I would feel perfectly at home in your sewing room! I have a chest of drawers with an ironing board on top - which I can't use much because it is piled with stuff. I have an ironing board set up in the middle of the room that I do use, but half of it is piled with more stuff (and I have to move it back and forth to get to the closet). An extra table has lots of stuff on it as well. I no sooner clear a surface off when it gets covered again. BTW, I made the Virginia Bound quilt - started at a Bonnie Hunter workshop - and it is an awesome quilt. Your pillow covers are lovely!