Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{Post 1,300} Changes on the Horizon & Finished 9-Patch Blues Quilt Top

This is just the quilt top.  I am debating whether to add another border, but I'm thinking I like it like this.  The outside edge is not bias because of the way the corner triangles were cut.  This measures 65" x 78".

We as a family have a lot of changes coming up.  I am going to drive to my sister's (about 12 hours' drive away) for 7-14 days.  Time will tell.  She is having her 11th baby, and I am going to help with...with...well, I guess with anything I can!

Our oldest daughter moved back in with us before Christmas.  She will be living here with her baby for some time.  That means a little shuffling around of room occupants and a little construction (I'm wording it that way to make it sound fast, inexpensive, and easy--I am not convinced.).  Baby is due July 1.

The upside to me is that I am gaining a new sewing room.  What is now our screened-in porch will become my sewing room.  My sewing room will become my daughter's bedroom.  The guest room where she is staying now will become the nursery.  Easy peasy, right?  LOL!  


Michelle said...

Love the 9patch quilt, of course. I think with a dark binding, it won't need a border...the setting triangles kind of finish it off. Good luck with all your travels family changes coming up. A family is always there for each other!

momtofatdogs said...

YOur flock is coming home to rest this year & mine all flew last year! 2 babies int he house. Yay you Joan! Let me know if I can monogram anything for you. I'd be happy to help/donate my time. Have a safe trip to see your sister. And YES *YOU* can do anything.


Teresa said...

I really love your quilt and agree that a border is not needed. Sometimes I think a border actually takes away from the quilt. You sure have some busy days ahead, I can't even begin to imagine having 11 children, much less trying to raise that many. My daughter recently had her 5th and at times that seems a little daunting. Great that you can help your sis out. Congrats on a new grand baby on the way. Y'all must have a very loving family and that is truly a blessing.