Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Post 1,304} More Progress

You don't have a quilt frame in YOUR living room?

Sewing room progress (I will have to point it out for you!).  The sewing machine table is gone.  The books are MOSTLY gone from the bookshelf on the farthest left along the wall (hence the 5 boxes of books in front of it), and the cutting table (with the green curtains around the bottom) will be moved to my bedroom shortly.

A big thank you to my husband for taking his break time from work today to unassemble and move my sewing table up to my sewing room.  He is behind me right now putting it back together.  What a guy!!

I am going to focus on getting the rest of my bedroom ready for this big change, and then back to the sewing room (if Ben has brought me packing boxes from work).

BTW, I am mentally planning my new sewing space (several months down the road)...if you have any organizational or whatever ideas from your room that you LOVE, drop me a comment or an email!

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Pat said...

Oh my goodness, I share your pain! I'm completely redoing my sewing room as well. We're shuffling some furniture around so I can make room for my quilt frame (which is in the garage now).

I've decided to go "industrial". It seems to match the look of my machine/frame set I've found a couple of good ideas in Harbor Freight in the tool section for rolling carts and storage ideas. I've also had my eye on a couple of things at Goodwill to take from Shabby to Chic! :-)

Congrats on the soon to be grandbaby. I have a new granddaughter due in May.