Saturday, January 19, 2013

{Post 1,111} Spring Mantle Finished

It is no exception that everything I do takes way longer than I think it will.  This simple scene took so long to get together.

Here is the finished product:

My new friend, Kath, asked for more info on making the wreath.  Here are abbreviated directions.  A styrofoam wreath form, fabrics cut with pinking shears (I used a pinking blade on my rotary cutter) into 2-1/2" squares, a metal knitting needle to push the squares into the wreath about 1/2" apart after applying a dab of hot glue at the point.  I made a row along where the "flat" of the wreath would be, leaving the back uncovered then filled in rows up to the top.  I put the right side of the fabric towards the center (although I picked a fabric that would look good from both sides on purpose).  I pinned the ribbon into the back when I was ready to hang it.

Here are a few pictures of the wreath in progress:

I like the wreath because it looks so fluffy, like cherry blossoms or a hydrangea blossom or something like that.

Here are some shutter/window pictures.  I got all of them at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in town.  A dollar per piece.  I broke the single-pane glass out of the window, sanded it just a tad, removed the weather stripping, and painted it with several coats.  Then I asked my DH to add a horizontal piece to give the wreath more stability after it was hung.  The shutters took 3 coats of paint.  I'll likely do another one later.  I just put a tiny nail in the back of the window frame to hang the wreath from the back.  Some in process pictures.  Notice the brown shutters lying on the shelf behind the window frame (under the whisk broom--nice, I know!).


Kath said...

Thankyou Joan, I am definitely going to have a go with the wreath. I have never seen a heart shaped base in the hobby shops, so I shall have a look on the internet for one.
I love it that you decorate your mantle, I have never thought to do that, so mine remains the same all year, but I am inspired to think more about doing it.

Ruth said...

Do people actually change their mantles for each season? I have had the same things on mine for years. My DIL has something on hers that is quite neat too. I might take a picture of it to send you. It involves an old framed mirror. I really like your idea and the heart is very pretty. It's amazing what people do now with old windows! I love them, but haven't had any ideas of what to do with them (don't have any either). I enjoy going to Restores, but don't have one very close to us. We leave for home tomorrow! Can't wait!

Christina said...

Love your mantel - it could be for Valentine's or spring! So Molly rubbed off on you and entered the window/shutter phase?? :