Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bull's Eye Quilt--She's Finished!

I am happy to say that this quilt is labeled, washed, and dried! I hope you can see the quilting I did in the cream areas. First I used my walking foot and did straight lines through the bull's eye block centers in both directions (with dark brown thread). I used a variegated cream/taupe/tan to quilt freehand circles in the center of the background blocks. It went so well, and I was done in a flash. I love the way the edges of the raw edge applique circles curled up gently after it was washed and dried. What a wonderful and fun quilt to piece!



Leeanne said...

Neat job Joan, you must be pleased. I like the way it now looks like an antique and it's new!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love it! The quilting looks great and it definitely looks warm and cuddly! Maybe I'll add it to my list of "want to make!"

Anonymous said...

It turned out so great! I might add a bulls-eye quilt to my list of future projects, after seeing yours!

~ Meagan