Thursday, February 7, 2008

7/8 of Offspring and Scrappy Trips

Here's most of the crew. DS1 is at work. I knew some of you couldn't sleep without a picture of my Scrappy Trips to see before bedtime.

Front L-R are DS2 (holding his birthday sword--yes, you read that right), DD4, DD3. Back row L-R is DD3, DS4, DD1, and DS3. Get that??

I'm thinking this would be a great gift quilt. So easy and fast.



antique quilter said...

wonderful family picture....a sword?
hope it isn't poking that quilt!
Wow someone is going to be REALLY lucky to get this quilt, it is beautiful in mho.

Anonymous said...

The picture of your children and quilt are absolutely beautiful!! I love how the kids seem coordinate with the quilt as well. What a wonderful photo to frame! Your color choices make me want to do one....I've seen several done but gosh yours is absolutely stunning! Oh and yes, we always love recipes!!! Please post. Mary

SueR said...

Joan, a great photo of your kids, and your quilt is beautiful. I like the border very much!

Lisa said...

Beautiful quilt, but boy those kids really make the picture don't they.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Mmmm - yours turned out so warm looking! It is wonderful! Oh and my kids won't stand near any of my quilts anymore! They are boycoting them!