Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sew-In Saturday

This is a sew-in Saturday. DD2 (on the left) is piecing a top for one of our customers. She is patiently trimming down 2" HST. A laborious process. DD3 (on the right) is ironing her blocks for a quilt top she is making to list on eBay. It's called Party Mix. The pattern and all the fabrics are Thimbleberries.

Behind them is my design wall (which is 48" x 60"). Behind it is a gas log fireplace. We never use it, obviously. We have another one upstairs in the living room (directly above it). On top of the hearth is my 2-drawer filing cabinet. I lay UFO tops and blocks on there until I quilt them or sell them. You can see a couple works in progress there.

I'm hand quilting my string quilt while I visit with the girls. Making a lot of progress on that. I nearly have the Baptist fans finished on one edge.

The old dryer is all dead. A new dryer was purchased and installed this AM and has dried a few loads already. Yes, our old one was a goner. Thank God we had the money to buy a new washer and dryer. I hate to even consider the alternative!



Leah S said...

I love action shots like that. Seems like all your kids quilt... is there any that don't?

Sorry about the dryer - guess it really did want to join the old washer! Didn't entertain the thought of hang drying everything? :P I know that if my mother-in-law's dryer dies, I'll give her $100 towards a new one. A small repayment for her letting me use her washer and dryer every Sunday since I got married. Sure has saved us a lot of quarters!

SueR said...

Hi Joan, I think it's wonderful that your girls are interested in quilting, and they look like they're doing a fine job! I was inspired by your Scrappy Trips quilt, and that's what I'll be working on tomorrow for Super Bowl Bargello Sunday on Bonnie's site.

Kairle said...

What beautiful and talented young women, Joan. I can't wait to see their finished projects.

Lucy said...

Your daughters are beautiful, and quilters too :-) you're a lucky mom. Love to see this picture!