Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scrappy Trips Nearing Completion!

This is the result of my laundry (sewing) day. I stayed up later than usual sewing. When this top is finished, it will be 72" square. I put 16 blocks together. The inner border is a 2-1/2" strip of a black with a tiny green and red print. I will put 2 rows of 2-1/2" squares outside of that on the three sides that don't have one yet, then a 6" border of the same black.

I hope to try some adventurous quilting on this one. We will see!

On another positive note, I took a walk with DS4 (child #8) this afternoon. I am trying to exercise occasionally. I also moved my ironing board all the way across the room. You can stop laughing now! Every little step helps.

Until tomorrow,



Kathie said...

I love this quilt.
when you chose your strips for this quilt did you use a certain number of the same fabrics and limited the number of fabrics?
I have loads of 2 1/2" strips and this would be fun to do ....yours looks wonderful!

Kairle said...

What a productive laundry day you had! That's a block that I have wanted to give a try, but it's down at the bottom of a long list of things that I've got to finish first. Nice job!!!