Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl

I heard that today was Super Bowl day. I read lots of blogs, and I didn't see ONE bowl. The bowl above is my favorite serving bowl. It is Parker-sized (which means it holds a lot) and it matches the red walls in my kitchen. Plus is was purchased at 80% off this past year. Hard to beat...

But wait!

DD2 just brought me down THIS bowl, and I think it's a strong contender for a super bowl. Hmmm...we really are out of the sports loop. And proud of it!

Hope you have a super Monday.



Libby said...

There is just something about bowls that sends me over the moon. They really do have a story to tell.

country log cabin said...

I tried to find your ebay auction, but the link didn't work. Can you send it to me? Do you have much luck selling on ebay? Just wondered.

Marcie said...

Oh what a cute idea! We should have all been showing our favorite bowl! I'm not much into sports either, but it keeps the guys busy!