Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Project, but Now on Hold

Here is the progress so far on the Stardust quilt top. It is the same size as my queen-sized mattress top. I want to add two more rows. That seems innocent enough, but that means LOTS more 1-1/2" squares to sew on the rectangles for the sashing. I have to set it aside for a while. Daily life is taking way too long around here.

You can see that anything--florals, stripes, tone-on-tones, plaids--goes in this pattern.
Good night,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Someone Didn't Get The Message

"For by him were all things created..." Colossians 1:16

My daughter took this picture on a bike ride last week. God's creation is so beautiful in autumn. It has NOT been altered in any way.

When I first looked at this picture, my reaction was, "one of these trees did not get the message! Time to change colors." Notice how the one in the front left corner is still spring green. Doesn't that look odd?