Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

It might be time to watch Apollo 13 again. Anyway...James's quilt is finished. It is waiting its turn in the washer and dryer. It turned out great. I have not sewn or quilted in such a long time. It is so nice to have this finished. Just wanted to post the update so that those of you who follow my life can sleep well tonight. Photo shoot after it is laundered.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Picture of Frustration

This is the back of my quilt from last night. Houston, we have a problem. The tension was off...w-a-y off. I persevered. I adjusted. I rethreaded. Tonight I finished the outer part of James's quilt. Tomorrow my goal is to quilt the part with the hand-written sentiments. If I can get the binding on as well, all of us girls should all be able to pitch in and hand stitch the binding to the back so he can take it back to college next week.

Good night!


Christmas Quilting

Our last two weeks or so have been so incredibly busy that today is just for relaxing. Part of my "day off" is machine quilting the above quilt. It's James's memory quilt. He is home from college for two weeks, and I hope to send this back with him. My ancient machine (made in the '30's--that's 1930's for you smarties) gave me fits last night. I was very frustrated, but was able to get it going this AM.

Stay tuned for more progress pictures later.