Thursday, January 31, 2008

Floopy Flower Echo Quilting

Above is the machine quilting I did on the latest I Spy quilt top. Check out Sunbonnet Sue sledding in the top picture!

I actually loaded it on my Little Gracie frame and attempted to quilt it with my Singer on there. The thread broke twice in the first few minutes. It was so frustrating! Plus, it is difficult to do smooth curves on there. Please don't be jealous of my's more frustrating than one can possibly imagine. If I had the money, I'd get a long-arm in a minute.

Speaking of money, our dryer died today. DD3 says it just misses the washer it was married to for 10 years!! I have a feeling they will be reunited soon.

The above pictures are "floral echo" quilting from Pajama Quilter Reloaded. When Dawn shows how to do this pattern, she says, "floop, floop, floop" as she draws the petals. So I think of this as "floopy flowers". Practicing on a busy quilt such as this hides a multitude of mistakes. I can only dream of using a machine that is easily guided and one can see far enough ahead to actually PLAN. Sorry--I'm a little frustrated right now.

It has been fun to make I Spys for families we know. Maybe once I make one for everyone I know personally, I will start making them for charity. That is a long way off at this point.

Have a good evening,

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cher said...

I haven't watched my copy of Dawn's dvd yet-but I quilt on my dsm and I totally agree with not being able to see ahead enough! I do not seem the money nor the space for a longarm in my home, so I will keep practicing on what I do have! Your flowers look good!